ICMP has welcomed news of the UK Government's consultation on a refreshed National Plan for Music Education to create equal opportunities in the music industry. 

The Department for Education is inviting views from musicians, specialist teachers, young people and their parents about their experiences and what they want to see in the national plan. 

This new strategy aims to ensure children from all backgrounds are able to take part in music education, whether that be through performing in a choir or picking up an instrument.

Paul Kirkham, ICMP’s Chief Executive, said: “We’re delighted with the news of the UK Government’s commitment to a new National Plan for Music Education. 

"Many of the details outlined are in tune with our experiences. Music is such an important part of our cultural heritage; it plays a crucial role in the development of skills and learning in other subjects; and of course makes a significant contribution to our economy. As a leading provider of music industry education over more than 30 years we have seen how reductions in both the quality and quantity of music provision in schools have impacted young people, who now have less opportunity to engage with music-making through their schools than ever before.

If we are to stay on top of the latest developments in the music industry, retain and enhance our national reputation for music-making and performing, and continue to offer emerging practitioners the best opportunities to make successful and rewarding careers in music, then we must act now." 

Professor Tony Harris, ​ICMP’s Dean of Academic Studies, said:

“At ICMP music education is seen as a great enabler in not only encouraging creative thinking but providing a huge contribution to the cultural and economic value of our society. We are pleased that the Government is reevaluating how it views music education and are looking forward to seeing the results of the refreshed National Plan when it is published in the autumn.” 

The current plan was first published in 2011 and established an ambitious vision for music education in the UK via the music education hubs, a network working in and beyond schools to give children the opportunity to sing and learn instruments.

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