MA Songwriting and Americana artist and songwriter Tricia Duffy hosted the Americana Music Association UK (AMA-UK) community writing event at ICMP. 

She was joined by recent MA Songwriting alumna and faculty member Lucy James, who worked as a writing tutor at the event.

The event featured four songwriters - Steve Wallis, St Catherine's child, Chris Simmons and Dietrich Strauss - who explored the concept of musician refugees. 

Ukrainian clarinet player Vladyslav Voloshyn participated and shared his story of living in the UK since the conflict in his homeland broke out. 


Tricia said: "I designed the day with the support of AMA. We had four amazing songwriters from the Americana scene, they took the story Vlad told us, wrote songs with it and at the end of the day we had a songwriters circle where we heard the songs and talked about what had been written."

"It was a really amazing experience very emotional, and a real privilege to be acting as a songwriting coach on something like this."

"I worked with Lucy James as we have complementary skills. Together I thought we would be a winning combination and I was proved right."

Charlie Pierce, AMA-UK Acting CEO, said: "We took some raw ingredients - four talented songwriters, one amazing story of displacement and hope, two gifted songwriting mentors and mixed them together in a welcoming space at ICMP with support from our friends at SESAC and Musicians Union and before our very eyes we watched four incredible songs emerge."


The whole day was truly life-affirming and allowed our members to open our community and broaden their experience and perspective, an important aspect for any songwriter. A day I'll never forget."

AMA-UK is is a professional trade association representing and advocating for the voice of Americana music in the UK.

Visit for more information. Watch the video of the day from the AMA-UK:

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