Dean of Academic Studies, Tony Harris, has had his text The Legacy of Cornelius Cardew  reissued in paperback to follow on from his publication in hardback. 

The book examines the influence of Cornelius Cardew on numerous groups within music, and how this original and charismatic musician, leader and activist has had considerable impact on compositions around the world. The text also explores his political influences, and how his experiences as a political activist were so fundamental to the music he composed throughout his time in music, and how his diverse work is underestimated and undermined.

Fundamentally, Cardew was one of the world's leading pioneers in Music Education, and how music could be taught to the general population and not just the elite. He was one of the first writers to  and composers to explore music education and is instrumental in the way that we approach music education today as a society.

ICMP would like to congratulate Tony on the reissue of his book!