Leftfield experimental techno duo dARKMODE recently filmed the new video for their fifth single, 'Supermarine', at ICMP's Queens Park campus using staff as actors.

The group previously made their second single video for 'Hammerhead' at the same location.

dARKMODE recently enjoyed a number one in the charts for KiT player in South Korea, where this revolutionary new format has been taken off with K-pop artists for the last few years clocking up over six million sales for the artists using the platform.

dARKMODE are the first British band to release on the format and are also gaining attention for a collaboration with South Korean artist, Zunn Stone.

In a statement, the group said: "We wanted to be different, so we are excited to be the first British act to release on this exciting new format. It's a no brainer when it comes to physical products for the nu-gen of music consumers wanting quality of sound with cutting edge technology and fashion combined."  

South Korea seems to have welcomed us and holds promise for our blend of leftfield hi-octane beats and unconventional approaches, but not only the music, also to navigating the current industry itself."

The video depicts the mysterious dARKMODE character, and his stalking shadow entity, secretly entering ICMP's Queen's Park studio complex and turning innocent victims into dARKMODE people through the KiT player album, who then end up collaborating with them in the studio. 

Watch the video below and find out more about dARKMODE

Band photo credit: Paul Harris

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