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Run by ICMP's Jasmin Beeson and Macie Nyah, Peachy is a live events company aiming to support women, gender expansive artists and the queer community. 

The pair have hosted events both online and in person and are now looking to grow their business. Here, Jaz shares how Peachy came to life and their ambitions to change the live industry for the better…

What led to you and Macie launching Peachy? 

Macie and I are artists ourselves and wanted to see some change in the live music landscape.

We've experienced and seen lots of experiences that we felt could be more artist-centric, as well as more kind and respectful. After some conversations about how we would like to be the change we wanted to see, we launched Peachy; a company that centres around wholesome live shows and supporting artists.

We've hosted a series of live shows this year and last; particularly wanting to support women, gender-expansive people, and the queer community. These are typically members of our community who have missed out on some opportunities or have been treated poorly, and we're here to change that.


What is the inspiration behind it? What are you looking to achieve with Peachy? 

Peachy is all about fun and bringing people together.

With Macie being the brand mastermind behind us, she has shaped our online community into something we're really proud of. We're looking to grow both the online and in-person spaces, with people now regularly attending our shows after meeting us (and each other) on socials."

We're on TikTok and Instagram @weareteampeachyy and chat about being a musician, and the world of live, as well as share artists we think are cool and need shouting about.

What have been some of the events you've worked on and promoted? 

We most recently led a bustling night at The Victoria, hosting Sophie Griffiths, Daisy Veacock and Marianne Leigh - three artists that are making waves in the London scene (Daisy is about to play Glastonbury, Marianne's just come off tour, and Sophie has had some incredible sync placements in the last year). We're huge fans of the artists we put on and were dancing and singing along during their performances in May!


What is next for Peachy? 

Peachy is planning a big, exciting show for autumn and will be extending the invite to all new and continuing ICMP students to be a part of the community as we continue to build.

We do have applications open for new artists if anyone wants to join Team Peachy - you can sign up via our socials! 

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