Spotlight Lauren Alex Hooper

Here at ICMP we are proud to support our community and always look forward to sharing their successes.

Each Tuesday, we present a student or graduate music project, making it our #ICMPSpotlight of the week.

This time we've chosen to shine a light on Finding Hope, a blog started by MA Songwriting student Lauren Alex Hooper.


FINDING HOPE, a blog by Lauren Alex Hooper.

MA Songwriting student Lauren Alex Hooper is not new on our radar. Her last few releases have been added to our monthly new music feature as well as to our official playlist on Spotify.

As well as being a brilliant singer-songwriter, Lauren runs a blog called Finding Hope. Living with Autism as well as several mental health problems, including depression and anxiety, pushed her to start writing about her experience with these.

Lauren is very candid about how these conditions affect her life, hoping to be of help and support to anyone else who may be facing similar situations.


Lauren also writes about her music, the artists that inspire her, as well as anything else that's going on that might be of interest. 

With the current lockdown situation, it's so important to protect our mental health. Over the next few weeks, I hope to put up posts that will be supportive and motivating as well as distractions from all the anxiety going around." 

You can find Lauren's blog at

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