Our Careers and Industry team actively support and nurture all the musical talent to pass through ICMP and are responsible for selecting our weekly #ICMPSpotlight artist.

This week they've chosen to shine the spotlight on Laura Grandy, one of our Bmus (Hons) Popular Music Performance alumni.



Laura Granderath aka Laura Grandy started gravitating around music at an early age, thanks to the church organ and various harpsichords she was able to play with in her grandfather’s basement in Germany. While learning how to play classical piano, she took a liking to her parents’ eclectic taste in Latin, 80s Pop, Jazz and Disco and eventually decided to also taught herself to play the guitar.

Once in London, a place she moved to to find like-minded music lovers, she joined ICMP and released her first EP.  Last summer, after a series of performances around Germany and many renowned UK venues, she started to write new material.

Her new single 'Who's Loving You', has just been released. Laura explained what the song is about: 

Two people who want different things from each other. There's jealousy and the realisation that you have to let the person go, because you want more from life than unfulfilled expectations. Often we close our eyes to the negatives, because we love the other person or project our dreams onto them."

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