Spotlight Artist Jaan Hantson

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This time we've chosen to shine a light on Jaan Hantson, one of our 1st year BA (Hons) Creative Music Production students.



Jaan Hanston is one of our 1st year BA (Hons) Creative Music Production students. Originally from Belgium, Jaan has been playing classical piano since the age of 8 and started to make his own music when he turned 16.

He told us: "I don't like to stick to one genre; I like to combine different elements. This way I can create my own style".

'Reminiscence' is his latest release, a very personal song about Jaan and his personality:

It is about being shy, both now and when I was younger. I talk about the thoughts I have and how I try to get over them."

Jaan - of course - produced the song and also played all instruments, except for the violins and the jazz guitar. For this track, he also asked his little sister to get involved; they sang together and the result is pretty cool!

You can find Jaan on: Instagram and Facebook

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