Our Careers and Industry team actively support and nurture all the musical talent to pass through ICMP and are responsible for selecting our weekly #ICMPSpotlight artist.

This week they've chosen to shine the spotlight on Giulia Vallerani, one of ICMP's Higher Diploma in Music Performance alumni.



We are very pleased to share the latest release by Italian vocalist and ICMP Music Performance Higher Diploma alumna Giulia Vallerani

On 9th August Giulia released her second single 'Magnetic', which she co-wrote with producer Ben McConnachie (Half Crescent). After less than two weeks from its release, the track has hit 100k streams on Spotify.

She told us that:

'Magnetic' touches on themes of heartbreak but has an underline message of a physical magnetic attraction”

Giulia mixes current beats with a timeless aesthetic; her main influences, she said, come from the Asian culture and the American and UK pop scene. 

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