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This time we've chosen to shine a light on Fire In Her Eyes, featuring Songwriting alumnae Gabrielle and Daniella, and current Creative Musicianship student Natasha.



Fire In Her Eyes is an all-girl, three-piece psych-pop band featuring BA (Hons) Songwriting alumnae Gabrielle Gordon and Daniella Livingstone, and current BA (Hons) Creative Musicianship student Natasha Livingstone.

The latest release by the trio is called 'Aladdin's Cave' and was mastered at the legendary Abbey Road Studios.


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'Aladdin's Cave' is a beautiful pop tune that features mesmerising harmonies and a sitar interlude. The trio has great musical chemistry due to their long-time friendship; the sisters Daniella and Natasha met Gabrielle when really young and started writing songs together straight away.

Don't miss the band playing at The Troubadour, London, this Saturday 7th December. Get your tickets here.

You can find Fire In Her Eyes on: Instagram and Facebook

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