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ALL CHORDS IN 15 SECONDS • A short video
by BACM alumn Adrian Valia

'All Chords In 15 Seconds' is a short video that BA Creative Musicianship alumnus Adrian Perez Valia composed, recorded and edited himself at his London studio. The idea behind it was to show as many different types of chords as possible, while still making it sound musical.

What I really love about this concept is that things that are quite complex can still be accessible and listenable. Music theory can seem daunting at times, so with this video, I tried to make it a fun experience, too."

The video received 22k views on TikTok during the first 12 hours of it being online.


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Adrian received numerous messages from people thanking him for the theory content, as well as others just showing their appreciation for the tune itself. Some even asked Adrian permission to use it in their projects. Since then, the video has reached over 200k views and it keeps growing.

Adrian is a Jazz musician and producer. He moved to London at the age of 17 to study with us at ICMP, where - he told us - he had a truly incredible experience and met some of the most amazing people he knows. 

Shortly after, he won a Paris-wide Music Composition contest by submitting 3 original compositions that he recorded and produced during his time at ICMP. This really motivated him to keep creating music. 

He now composes and produces his own music, plays the piano for other artists, teaches music and creates content online targeted at musicians and music theory–lovers. 

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