Sha Supangan • Songwriter // Producer

Congratulations to ICMP’s Sha Supangan on having her music placed on the hit TV series, ‘Real Housewives’

Sha worked with ICMP alumnus Jordan Dobson, now a Sync Licensing Assistant at Ditto Music, on a brief for ‘The Real Housewives: Ultimate Girls Trip Season 3’   which premiered March 2023.

Real House Wives Sync Success for Sha Supangan

With the show’s location set in Asia, the production company was looking for authentic tracks created by Asian artists for the series. 

As part of the project, Sha collaborated with artists and industry professionals from the ESEA (East and South East Asian) Music group. She co-wrote the track with Berkelee graduate, Jacy Sim, a Filipino co-songwriter she previously met in Manila 10 years ago when they were both signed to the same label. 

The first track, ‘K A B A’ - which means kaba palpitation; premonition; alarm; foreboding; vibration - has been used for the latest premiere of the 'Real Housewives' series.

Commenting on the sync, Sha said: "It was great to reconnect with Jacy and make something beautiful. The production is by award-winning musician/artist Nick Kingsley of Tut Tut Child and other notable projects."

The lyrics are poignant as it talks about my time in Manila, specifically, and the chorus is in English, while the rap section is by another artist Aidizzy from the Philippines who I met over 20 years ago!”

"We are so proud of the song and happy that it's made it through to the show - our second song will be synced on the show later on."

Continuing, Sha said: "It's so important to connect with your fellow students and tell them what you're about, what your roots are, and your interests - because you never know how it could all connect. We are happy that we're able to champion my native tongue and our writing internationally."

Keep up to date with Sha here. You can also watch our interview with Sha on her experiences at ICMP.

Article published: 9th May 2023

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