ICMP is delighted to bring together scholars and musical practitioners to explore the transformational power of songwriting at the Saved by a Song Conference. 

Taking place at ICMP's Queen's Park campus on 5th June, the event takes its name from the book of the same name written by songwriter and author Mary Gauthier (pictured above) and keynote speaker. 


Professor Felicity Baker (pictured above), Associate Dean of Research at the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music and Director of International Research Partnerships, Creative Arts and Music Therapy Research Unit, is the world's leading researcher of therapeutic songwriting and will be speaking. 


Kiz Manley (pictured above) is the UK's first hip hop therapist, founder of mental health social enterprise 'Hip Hop HEALS', and a lived experience researcher, and will offer a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of community engagement.

Panellists will cover a wide spectrum of approaches - from how songs and songwriting may be used therapeutically in a more formal, clinical setting to the less formal, day-to-day usage whereby engagement with a particular song might support some sense of reappraisal of narrative or experience - whether it be personal, cultural or universal. 


Commenting on the event, organisers and ICMP Tutors Lucy James and Julian Marshall said:

Transformational songwriting is an idea whose time has most definitely come and we, at ICMP, are keen to position ourselves at the forefront of this truly exciting, emerging area."

"The event was inspired by our students! Time and again we have seen students, both at BA and MA level, committed to producing work that can only be described as transformational in effect – both for self and listener alike."

"This, linked with a particularly dedicated interest from staff (strongly led, here, by Professor Sophie Daniels) has led us to the inevitable step of wanting to more formally study what is actually meant by 'transformational songwriting' - its potentials and possibilities. The Saved by a Song conference is a clear declaration of intent in this direction."


The event is aimed at anyone with an interest in the topic, from songwriters and educators to health and healing professionals. The focus is particularly on those practitioners who are interested in seeking new ways to connect with song material and audiences. 

Lucy and Julian said: "As we see more and more mainstream acts writing, releasing and performing material that can only be described as transformational in nature, we are excited to explore and uphold the idea that the very idea of transformational songwriting, well managed, may itself become something of a commercial calling-card to aspiring mainstream artists."

Find out more on the day's agenda.

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