The ICMP community never stops surprising us and, once again, they have provided the best monthly soundtrack we could ever wish for!

Here is a great selection of tracks being released this month, October 2020. Follow our playlist to not miss out on any new tracks by our students and alumni.





Italian artist and BA Creative Musicianship student Charo Galura has just released her latest track, 'Nobody's Land', her first fully self-arranged and produced track.

"The song deals with identity loss and reshaping, whilst going through prejudice and racism."

Listen here



MA Songwriting alumna and artist-writer-producer Lorana just released an Ep and she thinks it's something that a lot of ICMP students will relate to. 

"The running theme of the EP is finding balance between different dualities. I'm looking for that sweet spot between my old and new home, the highs and lows in my emotion, becoming an adult and leaving behind my childhood, my love for music and for the people around me..."

Listen here



Tamarind Dream is a collaboration between ICMP alumni Daniel Bond and Tarik Khan. Together, the pair creates a seamless blend of guitar-centric modern soul music with elements of R'n'B and Psychedelic Rock with the spirit of the 1970s. 'Grapefruit', their latest release, was produced and written on Zoom at the height of lockdown. 

"Grapefruit symbolises the bittersweet feeling of the present - what we’ve had to leave behind and a promise of what we have to look forward to."

Listen here



Frozen Night is a progressive band founded by BACM student Kacper Puchał. 'In Vain' is the album they just released, a summary of the three-year activity of Frozen Night.

"The main theme of the album is the loneliness; each song tells a different story and includes a different manifestation of such sentiment."

Listen here



Chizi, one of our BA Creative Musicianship students, started writing songs at the age of 13, influenced by the likes of other artists such as Ariana Grande, Charli XCX, BANKS, Marina & The Diamonds, Dua Lipa, and Ellie Goulding. 

Her new single ’XO’, is about getting over someone and realising that we're better off without them. It was produced by fellow ICMP student Half Crescent (Ben Mcconnachie). 

"The lyrics of the song can relate to anybody who doesn't like having their own time wasted; whether that is in a relationship aspect and the nonsense that comes along with it. It can be seen an anthem of empowerment, as the lyrics also convey a sense of personal strength to move on."

Listen here



'Untouchable', the latest release by BA Creative Musicianship student Charlie Mills, was written about a young woman going through struggles in her life.

"She's trying to find a way to get through the bad patches in life to the good ones but she can’t seem to find them. This song is the 3rd solo single I’ve released this year and they’re for my upcoming debut album Ceremony Of Masters."

Listen here



Franco-Australian singer-songwriter Lucie fell in love with composition when she started to play the piano 16 years ago. Before joining our BA Songwriting programme, Lucie studied at our partner music school ATLA (France). At ICMP she learned how to enjoy collaborating with other talent. Her latest release, 'High On Love', was produced by Alex Carpenter. 

"This song is about wanting to reconnect with someone you have met before throughout a night out. We have worked on this project all through lockdown and summer with many different versions and it would be so rewarding having this song on your radar.

Listen here



Originally from Cyprus, the 21-year-old singer-songwriter Rafaèlla moved to the UK to pursue her career and study BMus Popular Music Performance focused on Vocals, here at ICMP. Her music career started when she was young; she used to perform alongside her father as well as with different ensembles in concerts, musical theatre, and radio shows.

Her third release, 'Liar', deals with pain turning into anger. The song was produced by MA Creative Music Production student Michael Fink.

Listen here



Higher Diploma graduate Ilias studied guitar but recently shifted his focus on to playing piano and synths. Lys is exploring the composition of cinematic tracks and lo-fi beats and his latest release 'Soaked Bird' is a great example.

Listen here



BA Creative Musicianship student Panashe Danga met members of the Doncaster rap group MTID at 16 years old and that's when everything changed. With this group, he would go forth at release hip-hop & trap-inspired sounds for three years before branching off on his own.

'Mortal Bodies' is Slicko's second official mixtape/EP, on which he has been working for about a year. The concept behind the name and the album is influenced by the multitude of aspects of the human condition.

"I made songs that take on ego, pride, fear and of course love and heartbreak. Sonically this is a new age hip-hop/trap/RnB album with sensibilities you’d find in these genres.

Listen here


During his Higher Diploma studies as a drummer, Juraj Hasik aka found out that production was something he needed to get into.

'Metropolis' is his debut. For this release, he worked with talented artists Sibz (rap and lyrics) and Rasmus Bilow (mix and master).

"As a drummer and producer, I'm keeping the focus on different beats and basslines to make sure the rhythmic section is working solid. I love funk, hip-hop, and alternative as you can hear on the record."

Listen here

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