ICMP is delighted to renew our partnership with leading gear manufacturer Audient to enhance our music tech offering to students. 

As part of this renewed partnership, ICMP will be receiving nine Audient EVO 8 Audio Interfaces to install in ICMP’s studios and production rooms. 

Previously, Audient provided the ASP8024-Heritage Edition console which sits at the heart of ICMP’s flagship studio. 

ICMP was the first customer of the console, a piece of gear that has been an essential component in helping our students develop the skills and techniques so important in mastering modern music production. 


Ace, ICMP’s Head of Industry Partnerships and Business Development, said:  "Working with Audient here at ICMP is a great pleasure."

Audient really understand not only the demands of today’s fast moving recording industry, but also the educational needs of our students, from creative artists to engineers and producers."

Andrew Allen, Marketing Director at Audient, said:

Audient is proud of our long-established partnership with ICMP. Their commitment to helping develop the next generation of artists, producers and songwriters is essential in maintaining the vitality of the industry."

"Audient looks forward to seeing what the next year brings."

Audient's musical passion alongside their technical expertise ensures that products not only empower creativity but make recording easy. Founded in 1997 and headquartered in the UK, Audient continues to design products that help bring studio projects to life.  


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On 20th October, Audient's team will be visiting ICMP to host some sessions to introduce their equipment to our students. 

Audient will be running two sessions, one introduction session that is aimed for first-year students and production-interested students from non-production courses and one in-depth session that is aimed for second and third-year as well as master music production students.

ICMP is incredibly proud to have partnerships with many of the music industry’s leading and best manufacturers of gear and equipment. 

With Ace now leading this side of the business, we’re looking forward to forging more connections with the industry to ensure our students can access the latest hardware and software to hone their skills and talents. 

Visit icmp.ac.uk/about-icmp/industry-partners to find out more. 

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