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Great news!

For the first time ever student loans are available for ICMP's Masters (MA) in Songwriting degree. If you are an eligible UK or EU student you can borrow up to £10,000 to cover the cost of your course fees, and because the ICMP Masters degree is so competitively priced there will be enough left over to help with your living costs.

Of course, having access to finance is not the only factor to consider when choosing an ICMP Masters course, so check out some of the reasons why you might consider applying:

Fantastic connections to the music industry

Taking an ICMP Masters degree is a great way to develop your career in the music industry. We take great pride in the success that ICMP graduates achieve*, and we know that key to this success is our unrivaled network of music industry connections.

*Over 90% of ICMP graduates are in employment or further education 6 months of graduating. DLHE 2016

Dedicated industry liaison team

Our dedicated industry liaison and careers service will provide you with direct access to this network, enabling you to explore opportunities for showcasing your work, getting a gig, obtaining relevant work experience or finding employment after you graduate. And our exclusive partnership with Tileyard Studios gives you access to the largest professional music community in the UK, with more than 70 state of the art music studios and 100 office spaces that provide a home to a wide spectrum of companies and writers working in the creative industries.

Personalised approach to developing skills and knowledge

The ICMP’s Masters (MA) in Songwriting degree is a highly creative programme designed to enable you to examine, explore and focus on your practical songwriting. You will focus on creative exploration, writing exercises and academic research around the subject before focusing on the creation of a new major repertoire work or a dissertation in the area of song.

Taught by experienced industry practitioners

ICMP tutors are both qualified educators and experienced industry practitioners. Our London location provides opportunities to perform and showcase your music at top London venues and immerse yourself in the current music scene. And you will be taught in a fantastic creative and inspiring learning environment.


Open up a range of high-level music career options

An ICMP Masters degree combines advanced creative development with rigorous scholarship. It will enable you to focus on realising your unique identity as a writer and musician and enhance your creativity and confidence. You will be able to focus on realising your unique identity as a songwriter, and combine this with rigorous scholarship. By studying at ICMP, you will have access to a range of showcase and industry engagement opportunities to give you the best chance to build your career as a songwriter.

Now that student loans are available to support your studies, it has never been easier to take the next step in your musical career!

If the ICMP’s Masters in Songwriting sounds like a good choice for you, why not contact us to find out more.

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