We are delighted to welcome artist Mash P to our three month Music Mixing and Mastering course as part of an Audient Scholarship

Previously, Mash has studied our six-month Music Production and Sound Engineering course. He will be blogging about his experiences on the course during his time with us so keep a look out for more updates from him.  

My name is Nathaniel Amara Sesay aka Mash P, my stage name. 

I want to say thank you once again to all the people behind me at ICMP. 

Thank you for making me able to create my own beats and giving me the opportunity to build up my confidence to do my work. 

Recently I’ve been really improving in my music, creating new beats, which makes me feel good and I feel like I have something valuable to offer.  

Since I started my course at ICMP I have gained confidence to work with other people. I’m really happy and in the future I want to have my own studio working for others free, giving them my music." 

The staff make the atmosphere so comfortable for someone like me, from the streets, and thank you to all my fellow students. 

Nobody is sidelined. Everybody is really helpful. I appreciate that I can build the confidence to work with other people here or in my country. 


I always say- who feels it, knows it. I’m a man of reserve. All the time I hold myself back when I go somewhere and I really like the interaction between students and staff. The tutors are really amazing. 

After the 6 month course I did at ICMP I started working with guys in my country and they believe in what I can do. 

I never used to believe in myself and now I’m getting to believe in myself and what I do. I want to go to Taiama, my home town in Sierra Leone, and work for other people.

I know how music has the power to my soul and, if music does that to me, it might for others too.

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