The ICMP community never stops surprising us and, once again, they have provided the best monthly soundtrack we could ever wish for!
Here is a great selection of tracks being released this month, June 2020. Follow our playlist to not miss out on any new tracks by our students and alumni.




Galactic Dust is a four piece band from north-London with a unique indie-pop vibe created by BA Creative Musicianship alumni Noam Frank and Alfie Palatre. After several concerts they have recently released their debut Single 'Disco Dust', the first song they ever wrote together as a band. Asked about their unique style they described:

"Galactic Dust is the meeting point between classic soul vocals, french-touch beats, disco bass riffs and effervescent guitar grooves. Their indie, sparkly pop sound will leave you lost in a dazzling universe in which you’ll sing along and dance till dawn."

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Tales of Water is the melodic poetry/electro-pop duo of our CERT HE Creative Music Production student Michael Fink and his sister Lena. They have recently released their debut Single 'Heal Me' which is part of their upcoming concept album 'Unfold', telling a story of healing and self-love development. They told us how they approach the project: 

"Reaching for the dark only to release it into the light. Unfolding their reality, one step at a time. Melodic poetry and grounding beats, telling the tales of water."

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Roos Meijer is an alt-folk singer-songwriter that lends her music to unheard stories of people around the world. Following her debut EP 'Maktub' she has now released her new single 'Made For Loving You'. She explained that 'Made for Loving You':

"celebrates parenthood, and is inspired by the unconditional love between parents and children that I observed while working in refugee camps. To fit the the theme, both of my parents feature in the production (father on double bass, mother on ocean drum)."

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Creative Musicianship students Manuela Tome' and Charlie Mills recently worked together on a track called "Number 1". 

"It's the first release of the year for me - Manuela -  and it feels so great after all the hard work and effort we put into making this song!"

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Songwriting student Jonathan Milanes is an alternative pop-rock artist and music producer, who draws an array of influence from the 80s era of music - blending elements of different genres and tonal elements, but sonically portrayed within pop-rock. his latest release, 'Coming of Age', is the kind of song you’d play during an evening road trip with fellow runaway dreamers; a swift goodbye to your former self.

"I love the idea of searching for who you are by escaping your current circumstance and seeking what the world may offer. I captured that essence into the song by highlighting the lyrics and guitars through the use of space in the arrangement."

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Creative Musicianship student Erin Kia was raised in a very close family with a diverse heritage of Greek, South African and Irish. The love for music has always been running in the family; many of them are performers and songwriters too. 'Days Feel Right' is her first release which she worked on with another ICMP student, Rory Harvey, who also produced the track. She told us:

"The song is about appreciating those around you that make you feel joy and accepted, and treat you the way you deserve. I took inspiration from my own relationships in my life that bring me happiness."

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Afrobeats/Dancehall Artist Isat is using her soulful voice and Krio language mixed with English to give her music an interesting and unique spin. She is currently studying on our Creative Musicianship course and has recently released her latest single 'Take me'. She told us how she started her career as a musician:

"I've started singing in church at the age of 14. Doing this I fell all over in love with singing and started developing my voice. It was in 2016 that I visited Sierra Leone and recorded my first two singles 'Take it back' and 'Why you lying'."

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After receiving great critique on her latest single ‘Am I?’, which got picked up by several playlists (including Spotify’s Chill Mode: On and Fresh Finds: Pop), Lorana has now released her new single 'Countless first times'. The MA Songwriting alumna moved to London from a small town in Belgium and her music is highly influenced by this change:

"Countless First Times conveys the duality I feel between both of my homeplaces. To reflect this lyrical narrative into my sonic identity, I have recorded tons of samples both at home and in London, which are woven throughout all the songs."

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BA Creative Music Production student Conor Houston released his EP 'At home' which he wrote whilst being in Lockdown. The singer-songwriter has worked extensively across the UK, US and Europe in a diverse range of situations including an appearence on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' behind a pop act. On the release date Conor announced:

"My latest release ‘At Home' came out today, though it seems tasteless to simply sit and promote it at the minute. All money made on BandCamp will therefore be donated to Black Lives Matter UK for the foreseeable."

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After gigging around London for the past two years, Ruby Hive played at The Royal Albert Hall as part of MFY’s Proms festival. Now the band around BA Songwriting student Frida Mattsson released their second single 'The Bird Song'. They blend conversational lyrics about everyday themes with playful twists and told us that they want to

"encourage people to stop acting so adult and instead bring out their inner child, get creative and always paint outside the lines."

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Upcoming singer-songwriter Hanna has recently released her latest single 'Rainbow'. Since graduating from our BA Songwriting programme she toured the UK and the US and played at the Tin Pan South Festival in Nashville amongst others. Hanna wrote the song during lockdown and said that:

"it was inspired by the clap for our carers event that happened every Thursday night, and also by the rainbow drawings children left in their windows.

Listen here



Creative Musicianship student Parris would listen and sing along to the likes of Sam Cooke, Nina Simone, Nat King Cole and Sarah Vaughan, as her grandad played his cassette tapes on their daily journey to school. This is what she told us about her latest release Black Velvet, which she wrote and produced;

"We often use what we wear to express how we feel inside and I am no different. Black Velvet is an intimate insight into my state of mind, thoughts and feelings.

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Swedish/British alt-pop duo Peploe [pep-low] have recently released their debut EP 'Are You, Now?' and gained airplay on National Indie Radio with the opening track 'Busy Busy'. It's the project of our two BA Creative Musicianship students Gabrielle Thomas and Arvid Rongedal. They told us:

"We are influenced by acts such as Hiatus Kaiyote, Everything Everything, Knower and Miike Snow and produce a sound that ranges from the pretentious grandeur to unromantic, homemade indie."

Listen here



Finish Songwriter and Producer Sergei Vartiainen draws his influences from modern folk rock singer-songwriters. The former BA Songwriting student recently released his debut EP 'Big Waves'. The sounds on this EP are built around Jay's acoustic guitars, body percussion, bold lead guitar work and even tinges of prog rock elements. He said:

"My songs are inspired by the polar opposites of urban claustrophobia and the open wide of nature and how these two affect the human experience. I also examine how we live in a society that requires constant accomplishments and leaves us with a feeling of perpetual underachievement."

Listen here



Joe Asteroid is an alternative indie rock artist with glitter tears. BA Songwriting student Josefin Asterhed and her band are known for their energetic performances and have played London venues such as O2 Forum Kentish Town, 93 Feet East and Camden Assembly. They have now released their debut single 'Big Balloon':

"It is a song that a lot of people from ICMP have partied to for the past three years, and we are very, very excited to finally share the studio version of it. It has been a long process to finally get to where we are today with it."

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Creative Music Production student Omotolani Oluwole aka TOD moved to London from Chicago, Illinois. His music is a mixture of styles and genres like alternative pop, Rap, Soul and Hip-Hop.

His debut track ‘Bus Ride’ talks about loneliness and the pain of wanting someone or something that you can’t have and thinking about this on the bus ride home. 

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'Dancing to the Radio' is the latest release by BA Songwriting alumna Kate Lomas. She wrote it during this time of isolation, inspired by the scenes in ‘A Boat That Rocked’ where families gather around the radio, and its almost a magical spell connecting everyone together.

"The song is about the feeling of being isolated and complacent in the summertime. It’s based on the idea of everyone being stuck inside their own homes but all being connected by a mutual situation and hazy summer loneliness."

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Our former Creative Musicianship student​ released his latest track 'Queen Bee' only a few days ago. He also announced he will be putting out an EP this summer. We can't wait!

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Dora is a vocalist from Greece, currently studying our MMus Popular Music Performance degree. Her latest release 'Never Be The Same'  is a song that she has written, composed and produced on her own. It is a project that she was working on for one of the assignments and she really enjoyed it, hence why she decided to release it.

"It's a catchy pop track, with lots of meaning". 

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English rose, Northern soul, Reya Jayne is a new country artist as well as one of our Songwriting students. 'How Good You Are', is her latest release.

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