A collaborative approach between tutors and students is integral to effective teaching and learning in contemporary music education, new research from our BA (Hons) Songwriting & BA (Hons) Creative Musicianship Programmes Manager has revealed.

Jonathan Whiskerd published the ‘The Importance of Partnership: Collaborative Learning in Culture in Songwriting Higher Education’ in University of East London’s (UEL) Research in Teacher Education journal.

Jonathan’s article focuses on the importance of a collaborative culture in the classroom where trust, empathy and partnership are prioritised. 

He said:

“As a songwriting tutor, anything that suggests to the student you know better or you’re telling them how to do things, doesn’t work. Students want to feel autonomous in their creativity and explore this on their own terms.

At the same time, they still have learning outcomes to hit and need to move toward national benchmark standards for degree graduates. Requiring them to be an active participant in this development journey is key; a more traditional master-apprentice model isn’t effective in creative subjects.”

Although the research explores this concept of collaboration surrounding the teaching of songwriting, the thesis can apply to any creative subject. Jonathan’s paper highlights the culture already in place in helping create the next generation of musical talent on ICMP’s BA Songwriting Programme.

He said:

From the first semester, we explicitly look at collaboration, trust, responsibility and we’ve seen a very positive impact from this approach in our teaching. I want to promote this culture as much as possible across all our programmes here at ICMP.”

Read the research piece in the November 2018 edition of UEL’s Research in Teacher Education journal. 

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