ICMP is delighted to be partnering with the Music Federation to offer more mentoring opportunities for students from under-represented backgrounds. 

This new collaboration is part of ICMP’s Industry Mentoring Scheme aiming to help match applicants to the programme with industry professionals able to provide guidance, feedback and help expand networks. 

Achal Dhillon, the Music Federation CEO, said: "Under my AIM and Killing Moon hats, I've had huge affection and a long-standing working relationship with ICMP ever since seeing Marina and The Diamonds perform a solo-acoustic set in their studios many years ago." 

The Music Federation is committed to producing the next generation of independent music professionals, artists and other professions associated with the creative sector; and this partnership, along with other partnerships we hold, is largely how we're going to do it."

Oli Tatler, Careers and Employability Manager, said: “The Careers and Industry Hub is delighted to partner with The Music Federation to help connect the new and emerging ICMP talent with top industry professionals.

I believe these opportunities are invaluable for students, particularly those from under-represented backgrounds, to help give their music careers the best possible start."

ICMP’s Industry Mentoring Scheme

ICMP’s Industry Mentoring Scheme aims to offer successful final year degree students with industry professionals in their areas of interest for 10 hours of mentoring. 

All applicants to the programme must meet the criteria stated in ICMP’s Access and Participation Plan which is designed to help those from under-represented groups build their careers. 

Government funding is made available to ICMP to support students matching these criteria and is being utilised to fund this scheme. 

Visit the Music Federation website to find out more. 

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