ICMP is delighted to be launching its Creative Grants Scheme for current students from under-represented backgrounds. 

As part of ICMP's Access and Participation commitments, fifteen grants of £980 are to be allocated. 

This backing will be provided to those qualifying students pursuing an original creative project who can demonstrate how the grant will support their professional growth and development. 

You might be an artist looking to work with a producer, a band looking to get into a studio, an entrepreneur looking for seed money, or a producer needing additional equipment.

James Brister, ICMP's Industry Liaison Manager, said: "Creativity isn't defined by access to financial support but sometimes backing can really help take a project to the next stage."

We are therefore delighted to be once again launching our Creative Grants scheme to the ICMP community aimed at helping the professional development of our students. We're looking forward to receiving your submissions!"

How can I apply?

You just need to complete the application form before the 15th May. This can be found, HERE.

Who decides which students get the grants?

We employ a diverse panel of three music industry professionals to review the applications and determine who receives the grant.

How do I know if I'm in an 'underrepresented group'?

You can refer to the Office for Student's website to see what constitutes an 'underrepresented group', HERE. (Hit the 'u' on their website or scroll down!). 

Please contact the Careers and Industry Hub with any further questions. 


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