ICMP celebrated the memory of Hattie Longfield with a reception and live performance from the winner of the bursary set up in her name, Victoria Keene.

Hattie Longfield was a successful London visual artist, a talented emerging songwriter and a much loved and respected member of the ICMP songwriting community who sadly passed away in 2014.  

The bursary was established by Hattie’s family, friends, and colleagues, designed to reflect her outlook on life and creativity.

ICMP hosted a reception evening, welcoming the late songwriter’s family and friends as well as Victoria Keene, the 18 year-old recipient of the award.

Commenting on the event, Daniel Green, ICMP's Deputy Programme Leader, said:

The reception for the bursary was a moving evening not only for providing Hattie's family a chance to meet Victoria but by celebrating Hattie's songwriting with her family and friends. Nadine Furer, one of Hattie's collaborators and now a songwriting tutor at ICMP, performed one of their collaborations; a truly poignant moment during a touching evening."

The bursary will help support Victoria through three years of study at ICMP.  Victoria is pictured above alongside Nadine at the evening. 

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