ICMP and industry partner IK Multimedia has organised a music competition in collaboration with Italian partner schools Music Avanguardia, Rivoli, Associazione Jaco Pastorius in Lombardia, and the Perform School of Music, Torino. 

A jury featuring ICMP Programme Leaders and tutors alongside Ace, ICMP’s Head of Business Development Industry Partnerships, judged the different submissions.

The winners were: 

Performance Prize


20 year-old bassist from Rivoli, Valentina Gerbino from Music Avanguardia won thanks to her performance of ‘The Ytse Jam’, a virtuosic song by Dream Theater.

Commenting, Valentina Gerbino said: "I started approaching the world of music when I was seven years old, playing the piano at first."

"As I turned 13, my music taste changed and I started approaching rock music; this made me want to try another instrument, closer to my new taste. I therefore decided to take bass lessons, an instrument which is often underrated by young musicians."

After a few years, with some of my friends, we decided to put together a female rock band. These days, I play with a new rock-pop-blues band and I hope I will continue on this path."

Production Prize 


This was awarded to Gabriele Scipione at the Perform School of Music, Torino who wrote and recorded a piece entitled ‘Waiting for the Sun'.

Gabriele is from Formia, a small town in the Lazio region. 

Performance and Production Prize


Federico Baur at the Associazione Jaco Pastorius in Lombardia, Italy won for his track, 'The Loner'

This is an instrumental studio track with intricate and melodic guitar solo.

Federico said: "Music has a healing effect on me. Whenever I feel low, I always pick up my guitar and play. This has always been my own way to get back on track."

The Competition Prize

All winning students won a permanent licence for the IK Multimedia music editing suite Studio Max 3.5.

This prestigious software tool is suitable for anyone who wishes to begin working on their music using digital tools.

Ace said:

It's a fantastic thing that we not only engage with our industry partners on an individual level but extend our relationships to our other global partner schools. Collaboration is a key part in what we do, as well as the music business as a whole." 

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