Congratulations to ICMP alumnus Digby Lovatt on his brilliant performance with Eurovision star Sam Ryder as part of the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations. 

Digby is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, and mix-engineer who has collaborated with the likes of Jack Garratt and Kelis as part of his career. 

His performance with Sam Ryder was part of the Party at the Palace concert for the Queen’s Jubilee weekend. 

Commenting, Digby said:

This was my second gig with Sam, who is by far one of the friendliest people in the industry! I first worked with him playing keys at the London Eurovision Party. I got the gig after meeting his musical director on another artist project. I was then asked to play keys for him at the Party at the Palace concert!"

"It wasn’t until the dress rehearsal at the palace that the production manager wanted to even out the look of the stage with a bass player".

He continues: "They were struggling to find a bass player last minute so they hired another keys player and I jumped on bass! Sam is an absolute pro, and a pleasure to work with! The same goes for the rest of the band/crew!"

Visit to find out more about his Digby's different musical projects.

You can also watch the performance below: 

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