Victoria, winner of the Hattie Longfield Bursary at ICMP London

ICMP is proud to announce the recipient of the Hattie Longfield Bursary for Songwriting – Victoria Keene.

Hattie Longfield was a successful London visual artist, a talented emerging songwriter and a much loved and respected member of our songwriting community at ICMP. 

The bursary set up in her name is from donated money, which was raised by Hattie’s family, friends, and colleagues, and is designed to reflect her outlook on life and creativity. It is a fitting tribute to her desire to share and encourage her fellow songwriters.

The recipient is 18-year-old Victoria Keene from Dronfield, North East Derbyshire. The judging panel was immediately impressed with Victoria’s maturity, existing professional activity and, perhaps most importantly, the quality of her songwriting.

In response to receiving the bursary, Victoria said:

“I am so honoured to have been offered this bursary in memory of the remarkable Hattie Longfield. Having listened to her music prior to the audition, I find her music to be similar to my own on the basis of its honesty and acoustic style. I hope to do her, her family and her friends’ justice in my time at ICMP and begin to create music that Hattie could be proud of. I look forward to my time here and could not be more grateful for this opportunity!”

We very much look forward to welcoming Victoria into our songwriting community whilst preserving Hattie Longfield’s memory.