ICMP has hosted a SongTeller Songwriting Camp for LBGTQIA+ artists and allies to collaborate, write and make music.

Run at ICMP back in February this year and led by artist, alumnus and ICMP Songwriting Tutor Joshua 'SATCH' Satchell, the event offered participants the chance to tell their stories in a song. 

This camp featured nine writers and producers from the ICMP community who left the day with professional, industry-standard demos.

SATCH said: "Students apply to join the camp and the ones who are selected come in for a pro-writing season with professional co-writers and producers in the ICMP studios. We help them tell their stories and they leave with a professional level demo of a hopefully great song that they can go on and release if they choose." 


It's a valuable experience for the students and it gives them credits on co-writes with established producers and writers - it benefits everyone, all participants leave feeling creatively enriched!"

On the day of the camp the participants split into groups of three. Each group consists of a writer, artist and a producer with Itamar Lapidot working in this role.

Commenting, Itamar said: "My role was as the producer but obviously all three of us participate in the writing process. When the artist arrives usually we start with a quick chat. Getting to know each other and feeling around for an idea/concept to write about. Once that initial spark sets off the sessions develop into many different places, each one based on the people in the room, the subject matter and stylistic decisions."


The best thing about this camp as one of the producers is meeting all the incredible and talented young artists. I've never done a single camp where I didn't meet some new amazing creator with vision and purpose." 

Participants on the camp included ICMP students/alumni, Maru Jota, Dimitri Tenot, Billy Carr, Noah Horne-Morris and Caitlyn Murphy-Page.

Producers included Itamar, Anin Rose (external) and Max Churchill while songwriters were SATCH, Jasmin Beeson and Dilys Uwagboe.

Well done to everyone involved!

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