Over the weekend,  BA Music Business students Nina Rubesa, Rebekah Hesse and Cara Carter travelled the short distance down to the south coast for The Great Escape festival in Brighton. The trip was facilitated by the ICMP, with the intention to give students the opportunity to network and make connections with people working as A&Rs, managers, booking agents and artists.

Upon their return, the students have been working on a blog as part of an end of year project to demonstrate their realisation of the ‘understanding of how the industry works and what it takes for a band to break through.’

The students met a broad selection of people from the music industry including Live Nation, Metropolis Studios, Vevo, United Talent Coda, ATC, Polydor and BMG to name but a few. The students were also able to meet and interview performing at the festival as part of their documentary. The artists they were able to meet included Blossoms, Declan McKenna, JONES and Clean Cut Kid. They were also able to meet ‘representatives from the Canadian music industry as well as the Scandinavian one,’ which ‘explained how the UK music scene differs from theirs.’

To read the blog from the students about their experiences, click here. If you’d like to find out more about our BA (Hons) Music Business degree, click here