ICMP is delighted to be hosting Equalise, its first ever Music Production Conference. 

Taking place on Thursday 8th September, the event will welcome many leading music production experts and academics to explore topics focussed on music production and education. 

The conference will be an opportunity for those in attendance to share best practice, knowledge, innovation in music production research and teaching approaches. 

Speakers include representatives from the F-List Directory of Female+ Musicians, producer, tutor and artist Art School Girlfriend, Tony Nwachukwu from All Change Arts and more. 

Commenting, James Rees said: "We're delighted to be hosting our inaugural Equalise Music Production Conference. Our cohort of students on our music production programmes has grown significantly in recent years and almost all of our undergraduate courses focused on music creation have some production focus."

With this side of the industry continuing to evolve and offering emerging talent numerous opportunities, we're looking forward to gathering some of the leading academics and practitioners in this space to come together to discuss many of the latest ideas and issues defining this sector."


Mel Uye-Parker, Programme Leader MA Creative Music Production, said:

Equalise, ICMP's first production conference, is an excellent way for industry professionals, producers, artists, academics, and enthusiasts to come together to learn more about inclusive music production education."

iZotope and IK Multimedia are supporting the event and all attendees are entitled to licenses for iZotope's Ozone Elements, and IK's Mix Box.

The timetable for the event is below: 

10.00: Welcome

10.30: Keynote

Intersectional Gender Barriers to Music Production: Practice, Research and Action 

Chaired by our own Sophie Daniels and featuring Vick Bain, Polly Mackey, Paula Wolfe, Dr Metka Potocnik and Kallie Marie. 

11.45: Breakout

12.00: Breakout Session 1

Learning and Designing Sound Based Music: Enhancing Music Production Pedagogy in Higher Education with Hussein Boon. 

12.00: Breakout Session 2 

DIY with Charlotte Hatherley

13.45: Keynote

Music Industry, Race and I

In this conversation we explore how two Black African industry professionals continue to observe and navigate opportunities in music with Tony Nwachukwu and Kwame Kwaten. 

14.45: Breakout Session 1

Making marking fun? Using real-time audio feedback with assignments with Scott Hewitt and Jason Ellis. 

14.45: Breakout Session 2

BYTA - Byta is committed to providing knowledge free of charge in all that it does through HowWeListen, to break down barriers in access to education and knowledge in the music ecosystem with James Ford from Byta. #

14.45: Breakout Session 3

Production techniques with Joe Montague. 

15.45: Break 

16.15: Drinks and Live Music

17.30: End 

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