Electronic Music Production Degree

ICMP is delighted to announce the launch of our new BA (Hons) Electronic Music Production degree

The course aims to respond to the burgeoning popularity of a global electronic music scene worth $11.3 billion (£9 billion) in 2022, up by 34 percent on figures for 2021, and equip the next generation of electronic music producers with the skills to succeed at the highest level.

Students enrolling for the course, which launches in September 2024, will be able to gain the latest insights into how to produce music and explore many of the processes and techniques employed by the world's best electronic music artists.

By joining, you will be able to prepare for a career as an electronic music artist, DJ, producer or sound designer and focus on enhancing your skills in mixing, sampling, processing, synthesis, sound design and more. 

Jonathan Whiskerd, ICMP Dean, said: "We’re very pleased to unveil our latest undergraduate degree on electronic music production." 

Whether it be developing knowledge of performance processes or building networks in London’s club scene through peers and our expert tutors, we’re looking forward to welcoming students capable of shaping the future of dance music."

"Students will be able to work on real-world mixing projects with esteemed industry experts and take advantage of our world-class facilities and studios at our Kilburn and Queen's Park campuses."  

The course is perfect for anyone keen to launch a professional career as a DJ or wanting to get involved in the world of electronic music composition, beat making or sample pack creation and graduate with the necessary skills and technical abilities to succeed.


The electronic music scene is rapidly growing thanks to the global success of artists ranging from Bicep and Four Tet to Peggy Gou, Ahadadream, I.Jordan and many more. 

According to recent industry figures from the Night Time Industries Association (NTIA), the genre is now the most popular at UK festivals. 

The results show that there has never been a better time to launch a career in electronic music with 29 percent of artists performing at UK festivals electronic music artists. Rock artists make up 22 percent and pop 21 percent of those performing at festivals.

Electronic music has also become the second most popular genre in the UK overtaking hip-hop and sitting just behind pop music.

Header image |  Matt Palmer on Unsplash