Cherisse Ossei, ICMP BMus in Drums Scholarship Ambassador, visited ICMP to meet scholarship winner, Stephen Brown. 

The pair met at ICMP's Queen’s Park campus with Stephen having the opportunity to speak face-to-face to Cherisse about his experiences and the music industry. 

Commenting on the scholarship, Stephen said: "My first year at ICMP has been really enjoyable and having the scholarship award has meant so much to me. I am able to focus on my music and be selective about taking on extra jobs, which are now only in the industry."

One of the highlights for me has definitely been the huge range in musical tastes which has meant I have been able to develop my overall adaptability and playing for different situations."


"I loved meeting Cherisse. We talked about my experiences so far at ICMP and I was given some really great advice about touring life and sustaining a healthy career. I also enjoyed the stories Cherisse and Ace shared with regards to what they have both been up to recently. Thank you both for taking the time to come and have a chat!"

Cherisse is best known for her work with music legends Simple Minds while she has also performed with artists including Bryan Ferry and Mika. 

She is one of a number of ICMP Course Ambassadors alongside the likes of Nova Twins and music business expert Seven Webster


Ace, ICMP’s Head of Industry Partnerships and Business Development, said: "It was brilliant for Stephen and Cherisse to meet at ICMP and for him to hear her industry insights firsthand. Having top industry professionals as ambassadors for our programme of courses is an invaluable resource, particularly since many have succeeded at the highest level." 

Well done to Stephen on his achievements so far on his time with us and we look forward to seeing what he learns on the rest of his musical journey at ICMP."

Discussing his future plans, Stephen said: "I am excited for this summer as it gives me quite a substantial period of time to really focus on technique, develop my own sound further and try out new things when it comes to my drumming. I have a couple of gigs lined up very soon which I am also looking forward to."

"Thank you to all my tutors for this Semester, especially to Jon, Ben and Adam for our amazing Live Performance Workshops. Thank you again Cherisse and Ace for setting up such a great opportunity and I look forward to the remainder of my time here at ICMP."

Well done to Stephen on his achievements so far. You can also watch our previous interview with Cherisse on the scholarship below: 

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