Interview: Seven Webster

ICMP's new Ambassador for the Music Business and Entrepreneurship Degree gives us his top tips for success... 


From artist management to music publisher and event organiser, music industry legend Seven Webster has done it all.

Few music industry professionals totally embody this spirit of entrepreneurship as much as Seven - which is why he's the perfect choice to work as Ambassador for ICMP's Music Business and Entrepreneurship Degree

His company 7pm Management has played a key role in managing the careers of many top 40 artists and DJs over the last 30 years ranging from globally renowned superstar DJs Sasha and Carl Cox to multi-million selling singer songwriter Dido and brilliant live metal act, Skindred. 

Here, we catch up with Seven to learn more about his new role, career and essential music industry advice... 

What are you looking forward to from the new role at ICMP? 

One of the most important things for me is trying to play a supportive role for the next generation. If you don’t embrace the future, then you’re missing the point.

When I started my career, there was no one to guide you or assist. Since then, I have developed a lifetime of experience that I want to put to positive use. With this role, it’s all about trying to pass on and impart any wisdom I have picked up.

What will you be doing in your role? 

I’m there to be used and support anyone who wants to work in a slightly different way to the norm. In this DIY culture, it’s good to be able to call on those with a different set of experiences who have been committed to innovation. 

It’s all about coming up with new views and ideas and saying: ‘I can do this’. More and more people are now seeing the value in operating like this and it’s something I’ve continued to do throughout my career."

So if I can help any students who have different ideas and can impart wisdom on strategy, then that can only be a good thing. 

Are there plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurs in the industry? 

There are a plethora of opportunities. Our industry is in a ridiculous place at the moment. For example, all the majors sold their vinyl pressing plants, but now vinyl is one of the biggest growth markets. There’s this romantic edge to putting the needle on the record and reading the sleeve - and it’s something younger music fans are engaging with. 

Direct-to-fan is a very exciting area which has exploded during the last 12 months. For the labels, catalogue sales and streams have been great in keeping them afloat but they have not invested quite as much in nurturing new talent. 

Ultimately, the sector is constantly evolving but in a way where it is being dictated by the music and the artists themselves. The opportunities are building and growing and how you monetize them is exciting.

How do you foster entrepreneurial spirit? 

Everyone is different so there’s no one size fits all approach. However, having good people around you can be very beneficial - so whether it’s legal or financial experts or people you trust to discuss your creativity with, getting an objective view can be very helpful. 

Is there a secret to an effective relationship between an artist and a manager? 

Yes . An open dialogue is really important so learning how to discuss things sensitively and general man management is key as there will be more ups and downs in an artists career than your average rollercoaster .

As a manager, you need to be working together and heading in the same direction which has got to be forwards. In good management you are looking for the snowball effect with everything you do helping to build the story and make the snowball bigger with the artists career gathering momentum as you start to achieve more.

Are there any industry trends incoming? People have talked about blockchain and NFTs? 

They come at you fast and furiously and some of them are great. I’m interested in hearing more about these spaces alongside certain aspects of fan-funding. This can be very potent but in some ways it's not a radical idea. As a kid growing up I joined the T-Rex fan club - in the same way that I subscribe as a season ticket holder for my favourite football club. 

I see these deeper fan/artist relationships with plenty of big names - they communicate openly with their fanbases and incentivise them by offering unique content."

They road test new music in a private space and a company like FanCircles is one I’ve been looking at closely. 

What’s keeping you busy?

I’m always excited about tomorrow as I never know what it will bring. This is what’s been keeping me going throughout my career. The live industry is obviously a huge part of the sector, especially for guitar-based music which is where I’ve spent a lot of time. This past couple of years without live has been very weird - and we’re cautiously going forward now as regards to it. But it’s all exciting whichever way you look at it. 

Visit for more information. Watch the video to Skindred's 'Kill the Power' below: 

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July 26, 2021
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