ICMP alumnus Jim Kakes has come together with quadriplegic writer and poet Jordan Bone to release a new track raising awareness of issues surrounding disabilities and accessibility in the music industry. 

The collaboration - 'Solid Ground' - is the first song written by Jordan who suffered life-changing injuries following a car crash in her teens. 

She has since launched a career as a much loved blogger, author and speaker, creating online content around her life and the challenges she has faced. 

Jim, an alumnus of ICMP's MA in Songwriting, teamed up with Jordan to help her make her first ventures into the music world. 


Commenting, Jim said: "When we first connected, we immediately vibed on both a personal and musical level."

Jordan's affinity for poetry and writing, combined with her exceptional wordplay, perfectly complemented my passion for composing music. Together, we sensed that something great was on the horizon."

The song was written in a series of sessions in Jordan's living room with instrumentation and production initially undertaken by Jim in his home studio. While they tried to source a wheelchair accessible studio, there was nothing suitable so the pair returned to Jordan's home to finish the recording process. 


Jim said: "Since it was so hard to find a wheelchair accessible studio and we really wanted this to happen, we decided to do this at the place where it all started, in Jordan's living room at her beautiful house in Kings Lynn."

"For some reason it had great acoustic and that made me confident that the could achieve an exceptional result. So, I took half of my studio equipment to hers, took some time to arrange the room accordingly and made sure that the quality of the recording would be excellent. Then, it took us a few hours to record and we were both very happy with the result!" 

On their collaborative process, Jim added: "Creatively, Jordan and I share similar approaches."

We both aim to push artistic boundaries while respecting the essence of art. It all started with Jordan's raw emotions expressed through words and sentences, which I transformed into melodies."

"Once we found our rhythm, completing the piece and turning it into a song felt effortless."

The track is now available and the pair are planning on a second release with further projects due to be announced in 2024. 

Connect with the pair online and watch the video to the track below: 

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