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Academy of Rock Singapore, one of our International partner schools, recently celebrated its 10th anniversary with a series of concerts at a venue in Singapore’s stunning Marina Bay. Dr Tony Harris, ICMP’s Dean of Academic Studies, flew over for the concerts to meet with AOR tutors and students – and also to play a bit of Led Zeppelin with the school’s tutor band!

ICMP – the UK’s most International music school

ICMP is the UK’s most international music school, having developed a global reputation and a network of global contacts and partnerships during more than 30 years of delivering cutting-edge music degree courses to students of contemporary music in London. With around 40% of ICMP students being International, choosing a course of study at ICMP is truly a global experience, and we are continuing to build this global network with this exciting collaborative partnership with the Academy of Rock in Singapore.

Who are ‘Academy of Rock’ Singapore?

Founded in 2007, AOR offer instructional programmes in contemporary music to students of all ages developing innovative new programmes and opportunities for students and staff. Founders Charles Lim and Priscila Teo envisioned that the future of music will be one of creative and adaptable learning and Academy of Rock was created to cater to interest in developing and keeping up with the contemporary music industry.

AOR Principal Noam Lederman has always advocate the blend of a dynamic teaching environment, a touch of creativity and high standards of teaching. By this, students can then benefit from teachers whom are highly experienced and open to new ideas, and through this special partnership between students and teachers, the students can then look forward to moving beyond just instrumental lessons but life skills and confidence development too. AOR is also keen to train already experienced teachers from classical background to establish new grounds in expanding their teaching repertoire to pop and rock as well.

Academy of Rock has since grown and already expanded out of Singapore to Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, with more to come!


What they said:

AOR Principal Noam Lederman is delighted with the partnership development and stated:

“Now that AOR is working with ICMP, we can expect more exciting opportunities ahead for our teachers and students to further develop their talents.”

ICMP Dean of Academic Studies had this to say following his visit:

"It was a privilege to visit AOR, such great facilities, motivated and capable tutors and creative and committed students. AOR is an impressive and inspirational organisation and I’m really looking forward to the next steps in the development of this partnership!"

Next steps:

The two organisations will now be collaboratively developing innovative new programmes and opportunities for the benefit of both students and staff. Later in the summer Jonathan Whiskerd, Programme Leader for Songwriting at ICMP will be delivering a series of Songwriting classes in Singapore, and during his stay in Singapore students will be able to attend information sessions about ICMP London and attend auditions for study at our London centre.

If you love music and are interested in developing your skills, knowledge and contacts in a truly international and inspirational environment, there has never been a better time to join the UK’s most international music school – ICMP!

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