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At ICMP we believe that everyone should have the right to access higher education. This means equal opportunity to enter higher education; complete a programme of study; obtain a good degree; and move on to a graduate-level job or postgraduate study afterwards.

We understand that some groups of people are less likely to achieve the qualifications needed to study in higher education and these gaps in achievement are apparent from a young age. There is also often inequality between groups once they get into higher education and some are more likely to do well than others, even when their prior academic performance is the same.

We understand that higher education can improve and indeed transform lives for those who gain access to and succeed in it. At ICMP, we want to be more representative of wider society and reduce the attainment gaps between underrepresented groups. We also want to work in more effective ways to improve access and participation so that the considerable investments we make have the greatest possible impact.

As a result, we are committed to developing an inclusive and supportive environment where all are able to participate and where everyone has the opportunity to fulfil their potential. We call this activity ‘Access and Participation Planning’ and it forms a key part of our annual student recruitment strategy.

Paul Kirkham, ICMP Chief Executive, said: “We understand higher education can transform lives for those who gain access to and succeed in it, while entrenching disadvantage for those who don’t.

At ICMP, we want to be more representative of wider society and increase opportunities for underrepresented groups. We believe that our new bursaries, under the banner of our ‘Access and Participation Planning’ scheme, will have a very positive impact and make a huge difference to future generations of music industry professionals.” 

For our 2019 intake of students, we have developed a range of scholarships and bursaries put in place to support identified groups of students who we believe are most in need.

Identified groups include students from areas of low higher education participation, with a household income below £25,000 and/or low socioeconomic status backgrounds; students of particular ethnicities, disabled students, care leavers and mature students. Full details can be found on our Music Bursaries page.

2019 Music Bursaries

The following bursaries are now open for applications:

Summer Schools’ Bursaries – we are offering a range of free and subsidised places for students to join our music summer school programme to begin developing the skills and knowledge necessary for entry onto a full-time music degree with a contemporary music provider.

Audition Bursaries – we are providing financial support for students who may otherwise have difficulty attending an audition/interview at our campus, prior to being offered a place to study.

Entrance Bursaries – we will also be providing a range of bursaries that offer significant financial support for undergraduate students . These will be offered as either a partial fee waiver or direct financial support throughout the academic year.

Further to this, we have developed a range of financial and motivational support for students throughout their course of study with us.

Please contact ICMP’s Admission Teams at or on 020 7328 0222 to find out more.  

Music Bursaries 2019