ICMP is delighted to announce we will be offering students the IK Multimedia music software suite as part of an exciting new partnership. 

From September 2021, ICMP will make IK Multimedia’s Total Studio 3 available by installing it throughout its music studios and production facilities.

The Total Studio 3 package is one of the most extensive software suites for music creation on the market. With more than 100 products featured, it has more than 440GB of authentic sounds plus 487 FX, enabling users to create music in virtually any style.

Celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, IK Multimedia is also offering ICMP students a significant discount code for software products from its online store. This is available from MyICMP and the Facilities team

Commenting on the new partnership, Ace, ICMP's newly appointed Head of Industry Partnerships and Business Development, said: "The quality and sound of IK Multimedia's plug-ins are second to none and lead the field in this area of the industry.

It's so important that students get to use this industry standard software in our excellent facilities and take that knowledge on throughout their professional careers."

"Partnerships like this, are not just about the excellent products that are provided but also about building collaborative relationships with manufacturers moving forward to benefit our students and their creative lives."

To mark IK Multimedia's 25th anniversary, Ace has created a software pack in AmpliTube 5 with 50 pre-sets of his own sound too. 

Visit ikmultimedia.com to find out more and watch the video on the Total Studio 3 software below:

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