You’ll cover all facets of vocal technique, plus interpretational knowledge and performance, receiving personalised feedback on your progress.

Knowing how to unlock your voice as a musical instrument is what separates amateur singers from professional vocalists, and this is exactly what you’ll discover during your six weeks online singing course with ICMP. From the very start, you’ll explore different aspects of your voice, experimenting with vocal technique, delivery, musicality and performance. Through practice, collaboration and feedback, you’ll improve your vocal control and learn how to embellish your singing. You’ll also study genres and different types of vocal styles in the context of finding your own creative voice.

Across your course, you’ll undertake weekly voice assignments by submitting short video recordings, while taking part in a weekly 1-hour live session and receiving personalised video feedback from your tutor on any work submitted. The structure is fun and inspiring, and a great chance to meet new people online from a variety of backgrounds who share your passion for music. By the end, you’ll have developed a deeper understanding of how your body works when you sing, and will have experimented with and developed your performance craft by working in depth on repertoire songs.

Our online singing course is a highly practical course designed by experienced ICMP tutor Francesca Confortini – a professional vocalist with over ten years’ experience in musical theatre, session singing, backing vocals and band work. Across her career she’s performed at iconic venues including Wembley Stadium, Ronnie Scott’s and The Roundhouse in London, as well as Monaco’s Le Bar Americain and the legendary Salumeria della Musica in Milan. She’s also worked as a voiceover artist, recording a vocal arrangement in Italian for an international JustEat advertising campaign.

Weekly video feedback and online group lectures

During your study period, you’ll access the course material via weekly video lessons and will be supported in your journey with plenty of personalised video feedback from your tutor Francesca. Despite being online, the course possesses a strong collaborative classroom feel thanks to the online group lectures, with regular discussion, student engagement and personal interaction. At the end of the six-week period, you retain access to the course material so you can review it whenever you need to.

What’s covered?

Week 1

This week you’ll analyse the basic anatomy of your instrument, while covering breathing technique, posture and phonation. Here we will consider how we power the voice, how it is made and how we can filter it into different sounds. You’ll also improve your pitch precision, find your range and will begin working on your singing repertoire.

Week 2

Week 2 is all about your tongue – making sure it’s being used efficiently, as well as understanding how different vowels resonate in your vocal tract. You’ll also learn more about your range and how to warm up your voice effectively.

Week 3

During week 3 you’ll explore three different types of vocal onsets and will experiment using a range of vocal exercises. You’ll also work on the idea of support and breathing management, and how this coordinates with singing.

Week 4

This week is a review session, where you’ll consolidate what you’ve learned so far. You’ll also experiment with adding vocal colour and developing your own vocal warm-up and cool down routines.

Week 5

Week 5 will see you practising your vibrato and ad-libs, and undertaking exercises to improve your vocal agility. It’s also interpretation week, where you’ll learn about delivering emotions, adding meaning to song lyrics, and making your performance believable.

Week 6

During the final week of the course, you’ll consolidate more about vocal health and how to take care of your voice as an instrument. You’ll also reflect on the evolution of your instrument so far with a question and answer session, and will identify some next steps, enabling you to continue unlocking and taking your vocal skills to the next level.

Course Start Dates

Next start date:

  • Thursday 7th October 2021
  • Tuesday 2nd November 2021


  • Live Sessions Wednesdays 6-7pm UK Time 

For 6 weeks, you'll be able to join a weekly 1-hour live Zoom call with your tutor and fellow students.


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We're offering a bursary for up to 60 students on a range of our short music courses for those who have no previous experience of Higher Education.


Key facts

  • Weekly private video feedback with an ICMP vocals expert
  • Structured 6-week online course including high-quality HD videos and support materials
  • Student discussion forum
  • Download all course materials
  • 6-week course
  • Next start date: Thursday 7th October 2021


This online singing course would suit beginner singers keen to improve their vocal technical ability or other vocalists looking to learn how to use their voice as an instrument. To get the most out of your course, we suggest being comfortable singing in front of fellow vocal students.


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