When it comes to connecting with their audience, brands, artists, freelancers and influencers all need to master one thing above all else: their content. Because whether you’re a small start-up or a global band, you need to engage, persuade and inspire your customers if you want them to act. 

Digital marketing is one of the fastest-growing industries in the UK, with LinkedIn reporting a recent 52% increase in job demand.* Today, every brand imaginable has an online presence that reflects who they are and what they stand for. Using platforms like social media, websites and online marketplaces, brands can turn messaging into action, expand their audiences and ultimately, grow their businesses. Our CertHE Digital Marketing & Content Creation course walks you through the basics of doing just that.   

Content Creation | VIdeo Work | ICMP Digital Marketing Course

You’ll begin your course by delving into the two most important aspects of content: words and images. You’ll get a solid understanding of graphic design theory, covering how to organise and lay out information to grow your audience’s understanding and encourage action. And you’ll see how copywriting can help you generate, create and refine your ideas – with insights into adapting these for different platforms, people and purposes. Later, you’ll get to grips with the technical side of content, as you’ll learn about the key tools and analytics that grow your reach and audience. 

But to really unpick the role content plays in marketing, you’ll need to find, understand and target that audience. You’ll see how to build relationships through market research and customer insights, whether through influencers, building trust, or creating an effective promotion. And you’ll also touch on collecting and analysing data, which feeds into your overall strategy. Because for online success, data holds the key – revealing who is engaging with you and how. 

Learn How to Create Content

Finally, you’ll discover how these key facets of content marketing come together to create a campaign. Alongside an overview of various online platforms, you’ll touch on key tools, the role of budget, and the technical aspects of running online campaigns. Ultimately, you’ll have all you need to develop a successful digital marketing strategy, opening doors as a content producer. 

Studying in London over a full academic year, you’ll learn through a mix of theory, hands-on activities and practical tools, spreading your time across workshops, guest lectures and seminars, and events with tutors from across the industry. 

By the end of your CertHE Digital Marketing & Content Creation course, you’ll have a solid understanding of digital marketing principles, along with key skills in design and content creation. If you’re interested in a career in the creative industry, want to deliver your own content creation services or even promote your own brand or product, this is the perfect place to start. Or, if you’d like to deepen your knowledge, this course will lead you straight into the second year of our BA (Hons) Digital Marketing & Content Creation degree, or any of our other business and marketing undergraduate programmes.


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Taking a Digital Marketing course at ICMP makes financial sense too, with the fees for ICMP undergraduate courses the same as those at many traditional universities - making studying at ICMP great value as well as great fun.

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Successful completion of the CertHE Digital Marketing and Content Production course leads to the award of Certificate of Higher Education by The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance.*

*This course is subject to validation.


Key facts

  • Brand new from 2023, this is one of the most current digital marketing courses in the UK.
  • Gain a strong foundation in creating engaging, successful digital content, learning to influence audiences across a wide range of platforms and channels.
  • Discover a detailed understanding of marketing and its specialisms, including content creation, data analytics and market research.
  • Gain insight from entrepreneurs, UK brands and marketing agencies working at the cutting edge of digital marketing.
  • Enrolment on this programme gives you access to an impressive range of constantly updated materials and resources, all accredited by the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI).
  • Contains both theoretical modules and practical experience, seeing you develop a strong portfolio of work that supports you on your academic or career path.
  • Study digital marketing in London – an international hub with endless opportunities to develop your marketing skills.
  • Learn in small groups, with a high number of class-contact teaching hours.
  • Your time will be split between workshops and events with digital marketing professionals, as well as at lectures and seminars.

This course is accredited by the Digital Marketing Institute(DMI). Upon completion, you will receive a Certified Digital Marketing Associate  (CDMA) professional qualification, alongside your  Cert HE qualification.



This year-long course provides a rich introduction to digital marketing and content creation. You’ll learn how market research helps you better understand your audience, how copywriting has the power to engage and drive action, and how data and analytics shape your overall online strategy. Altogether, you’ll have the basic ingredients you need to create engaging and functional content that aligns with your audience and business goals – for success across social media and beyond.

Design Principles

You’ll start your CertHE Digital Marketing & Content Creation course by learning about the principles of graphic design theory. These are common rules that designers use to make their work functional and appealing, so it engages with the right audience and creates a better user experience.

Across areas like typography, layout and design processes, you’ll learn how to organise and present information in a way that’s easy to understand and encourages interaction. You’ll also learn how to interpret and analyse your work objectively – and to be aware of any production constraints along the way. You’ll finish the module with a solid foundation in creating your own designs and images.

Digital Copywriting

In this module, you’ll take a deep dive into digital copywriting, where you’ll consider how to adapt your writing style for different audiences, platforms and types of content. You’ll cover the entire copywriting journey, from generating ideas to writing compelling copy, as well as editing and proofreading your work.

You’ll look at platforms like websites and social media, and make use of structural tools to meet each stage of the customer journey. And you’ll learn how to adapt your tone to these, across different styles of content – including tweets, ads, case studies and press releases. Alongside the design skills you’ve built in the ‘Design Principles’ module, you’ll have the basic ingredients you need to create content across a variety of platforms and for a range of purposes and audiences.

Introduction To Digital Marketing

This comprehensive introduction to digital marketing covers everything you need to know about the purpose of marketing, how to attract and engage your target audience, managing your reputation, working with influencers, and analysing your online performance through data.

We’ll also touch on wider principles of general marketing, teaching you about its role in building relationships with customers, and explain how to understand — and satisfy — those customers’ needs. You’ll discover the power of customer insights, and learn how market research can help you to plan a more effective and targeted strategy. And towards the end, we’ll show you how to apply all that knowledge to a digital context, using product, service, pricing, distribution, and promotion strategies to attract attention and drive action.

Market Research

The best digital marketing plans are rooted in thorough and thoughtful research. With the right insights you’ll know where to find your audience, and what to say to them; which customers are worth pursuing; and what they think about your brand, product, or service. Without them? Your content might not get results.

That’s why market research is so important. In this module, you’ll build a comprehensive understanding of market research, including problem formulation, research design, data collection instruments, data analysis methods, and how to present your findings. You’ll learn how to design quantitative and qualitative research, and explore different data collection and analysis techniques. And most importantly, we’ll look at how to use all the insights you collect as the foundation for your marketing plan, turning all the data into information that informs your strategy.

Content Creation & Social Media

In this module, you’ll learn how to create a compelling portfolio of assets and content that fit your goals and engage your audiences. You’ll consider why a compelling online presence is now such an important part of any business’s marketing plan and explore the various social and digital platforms, considering how content should be tailored to fit. You’ll also learn about the technical side of social — management tools, analytics, social listening, outreach, and more — and learn how SEO (search engine optimisation) and digital and social advertising can help your content to reach a bigger, and more targeted, audience.

Finally, you’ll touch on social media governance and reputation management, and look at creative ways to stand out and get noticed online. In the end, you’ll have the tools and understanding you need to attract the attention of your audience and tell them what to do next.

Creative Content Marketing

Building on your previous modules on content creation and digital marketing, this module will show you how to put creative content to work as part of a campaign. It explores where content fits into your digital marketing strategy; how to develop effective content for social media and other digital platforms; and what makes a successful content plan.

Over the course of the module, you’ll develop valuable skills in producing and managing digital content, building brands, and running digital marketing campaigns. We’ll teach you how to devise a strategy and what factors you should consider, from business goals and budget to how best to reach your target audience.


At the end, you’ll create a social media content plan for a high-quality digital marketing campaign, putting everything you’ve learned into practice.


Across the one-year Cert HE Digital Marketing and Content Creation course, you’ll learn at our campuses in London’s Kilburn and nearby Queen's Park. While you're a student at ICMP, you'll have access to these facilities outside of class time to study and, if you're also a musician, you're welcome to rehearse and record your music here, too.

Students will primarily experience an onsite, face-to-face learning experience, with some non-practical classes delivered online. Lessons will take place predominantly at our Kilburn campus, where you’ll also have access to an extensive range of music equipment, instruments and room facilities. 

For support and advice concerning welfare, finance, personal development and safeguarding, you’ll have access to the Student Services Department. For bespoke music industry careers advice and access to unique music business opportunities, our Professional Development team ‘The Hub' will provide regular guidance.


On the Cert HE Digital Marketing & Content Creation programme, you’ll be taught using a variety of teaching and learning methods, such as lectures, small tutorial groups, workshops, hands-on technology laboratory tutorials, group work and student-led classes and presentations.

When not attending lectures, seminars or other timetabled sessions, you'll be expected to continue learning independently through self-study. This will typically involve reading books and articles, undertaking research in the library, working on individual and group projects, and preparing coursework assignments. Your independent learning is supported by a range of excellent facilities, including our Learning Resource Centre, well-equipped tech suites and many practice and performance rooms.

You can expect to be in timetabled teaching activities such as lectures, seminars, and workshops for typically 9-10 hours a week, you’ll also have personalised one-to-one tutorials scheduled throughout the year.


Applicants will typically have A levels, BTEC Diploma or Extended Diploma, International Baccalaureate equivalent to 48 UCAS points, or an ICMP Higher Diploma.

In addition, you should hold a GCSE Grade C or 4 or above in English and Maths, or suitable equivalent, such as Level 2 Key Skills, Functional Skills or Adult Literacy/Numeracy.

We also welcome applications from mature applicants who may have no formal qualifications but can demonstrate their suitability for study through appropriate skills and experience.

International students will typically hold a relevant equivalent qualification – please check your qualification with our Admissions team. In addition, you should hold a relevant English language qualification equivalent to CEFR Level B2.

All applicants will be invited to attend an interview.

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