Student Stories: Alex Kempson - BMus Popular Music Performance (Bass)


Dive into the musical journey of Alex Kempson, a bass student at ICMP London, as he shares his enriching experiences while pursuing the BMus Popular Music Performance degree.

In this video, Alex gives us an intimate look at his growth as a musician, the supportive community that surrounds him, and the vibrant life of studying music in one of the world's most dynamic cities. 

Video Transcript

"My experience with the BMus has been overwhelmingly positive. As a bassist, the program has significantly developed my skills by exposing me to a variety of music styles I wouldn't have otherwise encountered. This exposure has enhanced my playing, allowing me to incorporate elements from Jazz, Latin, and Pop into my own style. Reflecting on my progress, the advancement from when I started the course to now is astonishing.

My top three favorites about London include the vibrant live music scene, the efficient public transport system, and the diverse culinary options. London is an exceptional place to kickstart a career with its plethora of venues, musicians, and musical diversity. ICMP consistently organises events and masterclasses that broaden our musical perspectives, making it an integral part of the city's musical engagement.

The ICMP student community is incredibly active and supportive. Students attend each other's gigs, fostering a nurturing environment for career development. The community is ripe for collaboration, filled with like-minded individuals, making it easy to form working relationships and explore various musical styles.

The industry connections here are invaluable. Networking is a critical component of the music industry, and ICMP provides opportunities to meet successful professionals and get on their radar. Additionally, the availability of live performance classrooms outside of teaching hours is a significant benefit, especially in London where rehearsal spaces come at a premium.

Beyond the tangible benefits, ICMP instills a sense of professionalism and readiness for the industry's challenges. The curriculum is designed not just to teach but to engage students in the practical aspects of music-making. Whether it's understanding the nuances of studio work, navigating the complexities of music law, or mastering the art of live performance, ICMP equips its students with a comprehensive skill set.

A highlight for me at ICMP was playing at the end-of-year gig during my second year. Performing with the first and last band on a tiring yet exhilarating night, in front of an amazing crowd and at a fantastic venue, is an experience I'll always remember."

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