Songwriting student Diamantina performs on BBC 1's All Together Now

We caught up with ICMP songwriting student Diamantina to learn how she made it to prime time TV...


From Truly Ford on The Voice to Natasha Jenkins on Sky Arts, ICMP London has an enviable track record when it comes to our students performing on TV singing shows.

Our songwriting student Diamantina is the latest artist to have the chance to air her talents in front of a prime time audience, featuring in the first show on Saturday 27th January. Singers take to the stage in front of 100 musical experts from across the UK before being judged.

We caught up with Diamantina to learn about how she made it on to the show and her other R&B inspired musical projects... 

How did you get the gig on ‘All Together Now’?

I was approached by one of the shows talent scouts and asked to audition to take part as a performer for ‘All Together Now’. I was sceptical at first due to the many let downs of previous auditions I've had with shows like ‘The X Factor’, ‘The Voice’ and ‘Britain's Got Talent’ in the past. So I went for the first audition with no expectations and kept getting called for call backs and before I knew it, I was offered a slot to perform! It felt unreal to have achieved a dream of mine from a young age.

Have you any advice for anyone who might want to appear on TV shows like ‘All Together Now’? How can you prepare? 

For TV shows, I've noticed that popular songs are successful with the public and if you can put your own spin to it then it's a bonus! Prepare three other strong song choices for back up if they ask you to sing others. 

And how can you stand out during the audition process? 

No one can be you and that's your power. Embrace your quirkiness, strengths and weakness and own it."  

How are your ICMP songwriting course studies going? And what have you learned so far? 

Balancing uni work and my music career is pretty tough that I sometimes neglect my health and take too much on board. However, I have good support around me and I always do my best to remain positive and take each day as it comes. I value organisation a lot and setting mini 'TO DO LIST' goals for the day helps me to stay focused.

My songwriting course is nearly coming to an end and I'm very thankful for the amount of support I have received. My songwriting has strengthened, got to tour in Italy last summer and have met such awesome fellow songwriters and teachers. Studying songwriting at ICMP music school was truly the best decision I've made! Throughout my songwriting course I've learned more about my identity as an artist/songwriter, trusting the process and knowing my business direction for the future. (Shout out to Yannis our business teacher - he's the man!)

What other projects have you got going on alongside your studies? 

I am currently planning my next music video called ‘Bandwagon’  (my excitement is buzzing!) to be released around March. I aim to release a couple of singles this year along with an EP and continue gigging and growing in my craft and artistry. Oh and one more thing - more sparkles and sass.

Visit to find out more and listen to her track 'Earn Me' .

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by Jim Ottewill
January 26, 2018
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