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We learn how winning the 2022 MPG/ICMP Scholarship helped Roxanne develop her creative craft...


Roxanne Bento was the winner of our 2022 MPG/ICMP Scholarship and had the opportunity to study on ICMP’s one-year Cert HE Creative Music Production course. 

The course aims to offer students the chance to get to grips with the latest electronic audio systems alongside industry standard hardware and software.

Roxanne's production scholarship has been developed in collaboration with our industry partners at the Music Producers Guild in association with the PRS Foundation and provides an opportunity for anyone passionate about this area of music but who might be unable to consider studying as part of their career. 

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We caught up with Roxanne to learn more about her music and how studying at ICMP has helped her musical craft develop...

How did you hear about the scholarship? And why did you apply? 

I heard about the scholarship when applying to study at ICMP last year. I applied since I wanted to take advantage of the opportunities that this institute offers.  

What were you hoping to learn from your studies? 

I was hoping to learn how to improve my skills as a producer, how to become more confident in my artistry and also to network and create long-lasting friendships with people who have similar interests as me.

What had your musical journey been like before joining the ICMP course? 

Since I was nine, I’ve been learning and performing as a classical violinist and pianist. My musical focus was strictly on classical which of course wasn't a bad thing. However, that meant I never really tried playing with other genres or tried out other areas in the music industry as I thought I'd grow up to be a performer. 

This was the case until college, when I took a music tech class and learned how to produce and play around with mixing different genres and sounds. This really intrigued me and since then I've been looking into digital production a lot more, and still incorporate my violin.

How did you find your time at ICMP? 

First year was really great. I learned a lot of useful information about producing and what it takes to create unique sounds to the best of your abilities.

My classes were really fun and interactive, and the people in it made it really enjoyable. I was able to make some great, talented friends and I hope I continue to do so in the future at ICMP."

What were the most important things you learned? What have you discovered that has changed how you make music/produce? 

One of the most important things I've learned is that as an artist, your journey is ever growing meaning that you won't be stagnant whether you make music, write lyrics, play an instrument etc etc.

Some advice I've been given that's really stuck with me is to just do it. Release your music once you've finished it and move onto the next project. Don't stress yourself out too much trying to make your music sound like anyone else. You'll eventually find your own sound and be recognised for it. You're constantly growing and it's really rewarding. 

How have you developed as a music maker/producer over your time with ICMP? 

I feel like I've developed so much as a producer, but I still have a lot to learn. I had access to equipment which I wouldn't have if I didn't attend ICMP and I was able to ask my tutors for help whenever I needed it. I've become a lot more confident in my music-making and releasing my projects. I've also been able to reach out to other artists and collaborate with them to create a unique mixture of sounds.

Who are your favourite music makers/producers and why? 

Some of my favourite producers are lesser known such as Ferdous and Tendai who have a very distinctive and unique sound that separates them from mainstream producers. Timbaland is a classic producer that you just can't hate. You can instantly recognise his sound and that's one of my goals for my music career. 

Would you recommend the scholarship to others wanting to follow in your footsteps? What would you say to them? 

The scholarship gives you an amazing opportunity to study music, meet and collaborate with other musicians and create connections that may last your whole life."

I would say, make the most of it, because opportunities like this don't come around often but also make sure to have fun with it. 

What does your musical future have in store?

I plan to grow as a producer, as an artist, as a songwriter but also as a person through music. I would really love to start performing live soon and create a body of work that resonates with me and hopefully other people.

Find out more about Roxanne's music.

Listen to 'Soulful luv': 

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October 15, 2023
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