Interview with Accelerator Fund artist Cristina Hart

Our third year Songwriting student Cristina Hart gives us the skinny on her musical journey so far...


Our Songwriting student Cristina Hart is one of the latest ICMP artists to receive backing from our Accelerator Fund

The initiative, launched by our Careers and Industry Hub, has helped a number of ICMP talent including the likes of Michael Amadi and Foxgluvv. Cristina came to London to fulfill her musical dreams and has become something of a success in the capital's scene through a series of gigs and well received releases.

'No Regrets' is Cristina's latest killer track to be unveiled - listen below and read our interview with her on her success... 

What led you to ICMP? And how have your experiences been with us so far? 

When I was still living in Switzerland, I watched a lot of covers online. I remember stumbling upon Sarah Close and really enjoyed watching her videos. One day, I saw that in her YouTube bio she had written that she was studying songwriting at ICMP. And I was like ‘You can study songwriting?! Is that actually a thing?’. Then began all the research, followed by the audition process, which eventually led me to ICMP.

My experience at ICMP has been amazing so far and this environment has helped me grow so much as both an artist and songwriter. I am beyond happy to be here."

Congratulations on winning backing from the Accelerator Fund - what will you be using the funding for? 

Thank you, I’m so grateful to have been chosen! The funding will be used to make the music video of my latest single ‘No Regrets’. I’ve just received the first draft of the video and I cannot wait to share it, it’s all very exciting!

What is ‘No Regrets’ all about? 

I co-wrote this song last year with Daniel Jacklin, another ICMP student, and it all started with Daniel’s syncopated guitar - which drove the energy of the song. I then instantly knew I wanted it to be a break-up anthem. I wanted the perspective to be from someone realising that they are too good to stay in a relationship in which they aren't valued. Singing it live makes me feel super empowered and I love it!

Could you explain your creative process? How do you make your music? 

All my ideas usually pop into my head when I least expect it so I quickly scribble it down before I forget them. When I write or start songs on my own, I always start with a concept or a title that speaks to me. I then pick up a guitar, put some chords to it and then let the improvisation begin. I always record myself during the process in case there’s something I do that I really like. I love co-writing though! When I co-write, I usually arrive with ideas but am happy to write whatever we feel like writing - feeling the energy in the room is really important. I feel like finding your go-to songwriters is super important as well because if you want to write a song for your personal project but don’t share the same vibe as your co-writer, it can be a bit awkward. Once I’m 100 percent happy with the songwriting, I usually record a demo and then go from there!

What's the best piece of advice you've received about the music industry since you've been at ICMP? 

It’s hard to pinpoint one, as I feel that almost all good advice is related. But one that really resonated with me recently is ‘just do it’. It sounds silly but I think most of us almost forget how easy it is to showcase your songs and music to an audience through social media; we almost get content because of how obvious and easy it is. So I’ve made the decision recently to stop overthinking every little thing and share the music I’m so proud of but have been keeping to myself for months.

How important is studying music in London to boosting your career? 

In my personal experience, studying music in London is the single best decision I’ve made in my life. You’re constantly surrounded by creatives, there’s always a gig or an exhibition to go to, and there’s so many opportunities!" 

When you actually objectively look at it, we’re so lucky to be in a city that has space for people like us and actually encourages them to thrive and pursue their passion. I feel most inspired here!

What are you looking forward to in 2019? 

A debut EP! I have been saying this for two years now but this year, it’s actually happening! I’ve already selected the songs and am super proud of them. Like I mentioned before, I just want to get them produced now and release them with strong visuals! My goals for 2019 are quite ambitious but I would love to sell out a small venue for the release of my EP and would love to go on tour as well. I’m very excited for what 2019 has in store! 

Listen to 'No Regrets' below: 

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by Jim Ottewill
January 29, 2019
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