How Online Music Courses can improve your musical confidence and skill

Distance learning is a really great option that many people don’t consider.


If you have a busy life and aren’t able to commit to a full-time course but still have a burning desire to improve your musical abilities, distance learning is a really great option that many people don’t consider.

Sure, there’s a huge benefit to having somebody to sit down with on a regular basis, but you’d be surprised at just how interactive some online music courses are these days. Here at ICMP, our courses include weekly private video feedback, as well as unlimited one to one lesson time for the duration of your course.

So what exactly are some of the benefits of learning more about music online, and how can an online music course improve your confidence and skill? Read on to find out a little more.

Flexibility and accessibility

One of the best benefits of an online music course is that it allows you to be flexible in your learning. There aren’t so many time restrictions, and you can work your studies around your existing commitments.

Crucially, if you live somewhere where there aren’t many good options for studying music, or you move around a lot, online courses give you access to the tuition you need to improve that you would not otherwise have.

You will receive feedback and guidance that is crucial when it comes to improving confidence, and you’ll still make connections even if you aren’t physically face to face.

Grow your passion

Studying music isn’t just about learning something purely for the career benefits, it is usually something that people opt for because they truly love and enjoy it. Studying something that you love means that your passion will only grow the more you learn. Plus by having access to these learning tools online, is a huge benefit for anybody who is not able to be in full time education.

You’ll be presented with new challenges and able to try out new things, whether that’s a new instrument or a new technique, and you’ll do it all with the help of experts. You’ll improve in areas such as music theory which are invaluable!


When learning and improving, many people struggle to self-motivate when it comes to putting the time in. Without dedication and practice your skill won’t improve, so when you only have yourself to answer to it can be tricky to push yourself to put in those hours.

When you’re taking a course online, you have the benefit of having guidance and accountability, while also having made a tangible investment in your passion and your future, so you will find it much more difficult to make excuses to flake on studying.

Being able to receive feedback on your work and improve with the mentorship of some of the most highly esteemed tutors, will help you shape your knowledge and passion, as they are all experienced musicians themselves.

You’ll even be able to visit ICMP to take part in live music workshops if you wish, which gives you the option of learning face to face too.

Brush up

Not only will you have access to your course materials as you study, you’ll also have the option of repeating any lessons you may need to brush up on a little bit more, so you never need to worry about falling behind.

All of your course materials are available for you to access at a later date, too, so you can revisit them as and when you need to refresh your memory.

What to study?

If all of this sounds like an online course would suit you well, you might be wondering what you can study with us here at ICMP. We have several online courses available, focusing on blues guitar and songwriting.

We have two blues guitar courses, Blues Rhythm Guitar 101, and Blues Guitar Styles. Blues Rhythm Guitar 101 covers everything from forms and structure, riffs and fills, classic chord moves, turnarounds and playing in a band, while Blues Guitar Styles 101 takes you through various blues genres including Texas Blues, Chicago Blues, West Coast Blues, Memphis Blues, British Blues and Late Texas Blues.

Our songwriting courses are Songwriting The Basics and Songwriting The Creative Process. Both are valuable if you are aiming to get better at writing complete songs and improving your creative processes, but each tackles things slightly differently.

Find out more

If you’d like to find out more about our online courses, you can contact our admissions team who are on hand to talk to you about our courses and give you more information. Get in touch by calling 0207 3280 222, or you can email

by ICMP staff writer
February 14, 2019
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