ICMP Selector Playlist: Dan Collier

Our Songwriting alumnus gives us an upbeat selection of electronica for the autumn months... 


Our new playlist comes from the musical tastes of BA Songwriting alumnus, Dan Collier.

Known as a vocalist and songwriter with BBC 6 Music favourites, The Hempolics and his other outfit, The Drop, Dan is an assured music maker, working across hip hop, reggae and electronica too.

Check out this collection of current favourites for our latest Selector playlist... 

Kid Cudi ft. Andre Benjamin: 'By Design'

I discovered this song recently listening to Little Simz’ 'Wise Women' show on BBC 6 Music and have been obsessed with it for a few weeks now. The mystical themes really inspire me and the vocal melodies have lodged themselves deep in my brain.

French Montana ft. Drake: 'No Stylist'

This is my current go-to escape song. I don't aspire to the materialism it promotes, but as with a lot of trap there's a melancholy to the music that draws me all the way in.

Crystal Castles: 'Magic Spells'

I rediscovered their eponymous debut album recently and this song stands out for me. Very intrigued by the words in the tune, “I'll do my scientific best to command your fate”. I'm not sure if it's a quote or a sample from somewhere but I like it.

Leon Vynehall: 'Blush'

This is a sonically rich house tune brimming with all kinds of alien and industrial textures. It's dark but also funky and uplifting ... it makes me feel like I'm surfing.

John Talabot: 'Oro y Sangre'

This song also makes me feel like I'm surfing, but in a strange dystopian sea with monsters.

Fatima Yamaha: 'Only Of The Universe'

I was pretty much only listening to Fatima Yamaha last year. There's hooks within hooks and all sorts of quirky sounds and solos. I've only recently moved on after completely saturating myself with his two albums 'Imaginary Lines' and 'A Girl Between Two Worlds'. This one is my favourite song from 'Imaginary Lines'.

Fatima Yamaha: 'What's a Girl to Do'

And this is my favourite song from his album 'A Girl Between Two Worlds'. There's probably the most piercing top-line hook ever created in this song. And there's a sample of a girl earnestly speaking the words, 'I just don't know what I'm supposed to be, I'm stuck, does it get easier?'. That bit get's me every time.

NxWorries - Anderson.Paak & Knxwledge: 'Droogs'

Loving the sleazy bassline and classic 80s funk feel to this one. Along with the crazy vocal toplines, this song makes me scrunch up my face and nod my head all the way up and down.

Duval Timothy: 'Whale'

Such an interesting artist. Again.. just getting over my obsession with his album 'Sen Am' which I've fully absorbed into my senses. This song is from that album and makes me wanna cry with hope.

Virginia Astley: 'A Summer Long Since Passed'

This is one of my favourite discoveries while listening to Stuart Maconie's 'Freak Zone' programme on BBC Radio 6 Music. It feels like the happiest ending to the most life affirming film you've ever seen.

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by Jim Ottewill
September 28, 2020
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