Interview with ICMP music business graduate Romaine Dixon

ICMP music business graduate Romaine Dixon tells us how she went from our classroom to working for Virgin EMI...


From studying vocals to music business, our alumni Romaine Dixon has proved to be adept at whatever avenue of the music industry she's explored.

Following her time with us as a student, she landed roles at UK collecting society PRS for Music before her current job as a royalties assistant at Virgin EMI. At the same time, Romaine has continued to work on crafting her R&B styled music. Read our interview tracing her journey from the classroom to the heart of the music industry... 

What made you want to start a career in the music industry?

Whilst I was studying on the vocal diploma at ICMP, music business was one of my modules and I began to learn so much about it that I almost became fascinated with how the industry works. From then, I always knew I would have my hands tied with both the creative side and ‘behind the scenes’ in the midst of the business. It was common sense for me to learn about how the business worked to know how to navigate within it.

You've worked at PRS for Music and are now a royalties assistant at Virgin EMI - how did you end up working in this area of the industry?

Simply just kept applying until someone believed in me and gave me the chance. I never imagined myself working on this side of the industry but actually it opens up an interesting can of worms and you’re able to see how things REALLY work in this business.

Could you explain a little about your current role and what this entails?

In brief my role entails setting up contracts and royalty rates in the internal system, coding recordings for producers, artists and mixers, processing royalties and analysing royalty revenue against recoupment.

What would you advise anyone wanting to work in the world of music royalties?

Learn how to read contracts and become familiar with legal terminology. If you’re good with numbers great -  if not there’s always a calculator!

How were your experiences at ICMP? What did you learn on the music business course that helped you get to where you are now?

ICMP was great for my education as I was taught about all the key parts of the music business. Personally I would say the modules that helped me get to where I am now were the Introduction to the Music Business, Finance, Law and Contracts and Entrepreneurship sessions. 

For anyone considering a course at ICMP, what would you advise them?

Choose wisely - if you want to do a performance degree make sure you are actively gigging and networking during your time at uni. If you want to study music business, networking is your best friend. If you are a songwriter or producer pitch your tracks to upcoming artists you believe in - in the new age you are effectively your own A&R.

For anyone wanting to enjoy a music industry career, are there any tips of words or wisdom you could give them?

No one owes you anything - You have to prove yourself and stand on your own two feet. Most importantly believe in yourself -  If you don’t, no one else will.

What's the been the most surprising thing you've learned about the music industry since kicking off your career?

That some A&R’s receive royalties...

You're also an artist - what are you currently working on music wise?

I’m working on loads of new music for myself, writing for other artists and I have a few other side projects i’m working on. I can’t say too much but watch this space!

What does the future have in store for you?

Loads of great new music and successful moments!

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Every year we strive to continually connect our students to high-profile industry professionals - through seminars, Q+A's and panel events held at our Kilburn campus. This ensures ICMP music courses remain up-to-date and relevant to today's ever-changing music industry. This year's been no exception, here are just a handful of the many guests who've passed on their advice and insight to our students this year:

Pete Simmons - A&R Manager, Universal Publishing
Martin Dell - A&R Manager, Columbia
Alex Eden-Smith - Head of Marketing, Columbia 
Toby L - Founder, Transgressive Records
James Endeacott - Founder, 1965 Records
Phil Loutsis - Director of Label Management, AWAL
Maz Tappuni - Promoter, Communion Records
David Manders - Manager, Liquid Management
Jess Kinn - Agent, Coda
Jess Partridge - Founder, London in Stereo
Joe Parry - Senior Publicist, Inside/Out 
Jason Carter - Founder, Get On Music
Joel De’ath - Label Manager, Music For Nations/Sony

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January 22, 2018
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