Expand your expertise and progress your career with a music masters course

As one of London’s leading contemporary music education providers, ICMP has been delivering real-world music courses for over 30 years – longer than any other UK music college.

If you’re looking to refine and develop your music skills to launch the next stage of your music career, a masters in music at ICMP could be your perfect choice. Whether you decide to study a masters in music performance, vocal performance, songwriting, music production or music business, all our music masters courses are flexible, with both full-time and part-time study options to suit you, your lifestyle and your long-term goals.

Become a leader in your field and dictate where your music masters will take you. With support from our dedicated faculty members and use of our professional industry-standard facilities, you’ll gain the expertise, insight and knowledge to capitalise on the exciting opportunities that present themselves as our industry develops.

Across your year of music masters study at ICMP, you’ll learn in a personalised supportive environment with a high number of face-to-face teaching hours, the latest industry technology in the classroom and small class sizes. You’ll interact with special guest speakers across multiple industry professions, attend hands-on real-world workshops and take part in music industry performances and events that enhance your knowledge and skills.

Our expert ICMP tutors deliver highly practical topics across your music masters course, with each designed to be easily applied outside of the classroom. As experienced mentors, your tutors will guide you through every step of your educational journey, presenting you with many ongoing opportunities to further both your music knowledge and your career.

During your modern music masters course at ICMP, you’ll collaborate with some of the best minds in music as you gain valuable insights about our evolving industry from your tutors, your music masters classmates and fellow students across ICMP’s spectrum of courses and disciplines.

From day one of your music masters course, you’ll connect with the wider London music industry by taking part in a host of unique music business events. Whichever masters in music discipline you choose, you’ll develop the tools and resources you need to progress your personal projects and areas of interest to an outstanding level.

ICMP masters in music courses

When you study a one-year music masters at ICMP, you can choose from a tailored selection of specialised courses. If you’re keen to develop your skills in the creative aspects of music production, our MA Creative Music Production course will see you apply the latest techniques to your musical passions using the latest technology. Or if you’d rather advance your lyrical, melodic and harmonic skills, ICMP’s Masters in Songwriting will help to foster your unique sonic identity as a songwriter, as you learn to optimise your output without compromising your creativity.

If your goal is to put on a show to remember every time you perform, our MMus Masters in Music Performance course will help you hone your performance skills and stagecraft in guitar, bass or drums. This music masters course also offers a vocal stream with the Masters in Music Performance (Vocals), where you’ll take part in bespoke one-on-one vocal lessons and learn techniques for maintaining and enhancing your voice, ensuring stellar performances each time you take the stage.

If you’re looking to further your career behind the scenes in the music industry, our new MA Music Business masters course will take your knowledge of today’s music ecosystem to the next level, as you develop a toolbox of skills to help you navigate your journey within it.

After you complete your music masters course, you may want to consider further postgraduate study with a PhD in music or a PhD in popular music. By studying a music PhD, you’ll gain a comprehensive academic understanding of your unique field of research, as you engage in new developments at the forefront of modern music.


At ICMP, our state-of-the-art facilities are the highest quality possible. At our Kilburn campus, you’ll have access to industry-standard practice rooms, live performance studios, teaching suites, recording studios and Mac labs, as well as the latest technology and tools for digital production. We continually invest in the best instrument brands and backline equipment in the business, including Fender, Marshall and Orange amps, Shure and Austrian Audio microphones, Yamaha and Peavey PAs, and digital audio workstations (DAWs) such as Ableton Live, Pro Tools and Logic Pro.

As a modern music masters course student, you’ll also have access to our brand-new Queen’s Park studio – a short ten-minute walk from ICMP in Kilburn – which includes a high-end recording studio, top-of-the-line post-production facilities, and a mixing and mastering studio.

Like all ICMP music masters students, you can use our music facilities free of charge for personal practice, outside of timetabled hours, seven days a week, and hire our equipment free of charge for both on-site and off-site performances.


As an ICMP masters in music student, you’ll complete your course in London – possibly the best location in the world to study music and launch your music career. As the birthplace of many notable music genres, such as punk, grime, Britpop and UK garage, London has always been at the forefront of modern music, and people from all over the world come to the city to meet and mingle over their passion for music. For talented creative artists, producers and music business professionals, studying a modern music masters course in London gives you opportunities you simply won’t find in any other international music city.

Officially ranked as the world’s number one student city, London has a flourishing student community with excellent culture, affordability, safety and access to employers. ICMP’s location in vibrant north-west London provides you with exceptional access to well-known music labels like Universal, Sony and Island Records, iconic live music venue stages for ICMP students to perform on, and a continual network of industry connections.

Industry connections

Collaboration is the lifeblood of the music industry and, as an ICMP music masters student, you’ll make impressive industry connections, across London and beyond. Thanks to ICMP’s Careers and Industry Hub – otherwise known as The Hub – you’ll network, connect and collaborate with key industry contacts from almost your first day on campus, as you focus on your career goals in our supportive, personalised learning environment.

As one of the UK and Europe’s best-connected music institutes, you’ll operate at the heart of the global music industry – not only engaging with our expert tutors and successful ICMP alumni, but through regular interaction with guest artists and musicians, booking agents, record labels, entrepreneurial professionals, A&R reps, artist managers and music publishers. Across your music masters course, you’ll be encouraged to capitalise on a range of music business opportunities, as you cultivate and grow an extensive industry network for the next stage of your music career.

Industry guests

Every year at ICMP, we’re proud to invite an extraordinary selection of guests to our campus to share their knowledge and experience with our music masters students and inspire a new generation of music lovers. From well-known musicians and established creative artists, to songwriters, entrepreneurs, audio and sound engineers, producers and marketing specialists, you’ll hear legendary behind-the-scenes stories, learn essential techniques for your craft, and digest valuable industry insights.

Recent ICMP special guests to attend masterclasses, workshops and seminars have included Divinity Roxx – Beyonce’s bassist and music director, iconic electric guitarist Guthrie Govan, singer¬–songwriter and record producer Lianne La Havas, inspirational Basement Jaxx vocalist Vula Malinga, exciting young singer-songwriter NAO, and ICMP alumnus Matty Brown who has worked with Rita Ora, Stormzy and Plan B. As a masters in music student, you’ll have regular opportunities to listen to and interact with these industry luminaries, as you celebrate their success stories and use their colourful experiences to guide your own illustrious music career.


ICMP’s teaching faculty is made up of a diverse range of industry experts, including qualified academics, award-winning musicians, notable producers, renowned music business professionals and innovative music entrepreneurs. Between them, they’ve shaped the modern music industry as we know it, and they’re ready to share their first-hand knowledge and experiences with you across your modern music masters course. All our tutors are highly active in their fields and, as the music landscape continues to change and shift, their expertise, guidance and advice will help you harness your talent and gain an insightful understanding of your music masters field of study.

During your time with us, you’ll receive consistent support and encouragement across your music masters creative and research projects, ensuring you’ll graduate with an impressive body of professional work. Each member of our team will work with you to realise your learning ambitions, giving you a sophisticated understanding of the music industry – sure to come in handy as you complete your music masters course and continue your career.