Erika | Bugeisha EP | European Tour

Having built an international following, ICMP Vocals tutor ERIKA embraces the flexibility and true connectivity that being an independent artist grants. 

This month sees ERIKA head off on a tour of the UK and Europe in support of her latest EP,  Bugeisha. The tour will see her performing in unique and original spaces, from the occasional living room, Sofar Sounds style, through to small theatres, bars and cafes.

ERIKA's​ Bugeisha EP is the final EP from her Onna-Bugeisha trilogy of EPs. Bugeisha means “The art of War” in Japanese. Erika wanted the writing and production to bring the aesthetic of beauty in discomfort, growing pains if you will. 

The EP was recorded in London and Surrey with producers Paul Stanborough (tracks 1-4) and David Goodes (track 5). The track, Home, is a fine example of crafting beautiful and innovative pop, with the mood switching from haunting to joyous, and from hope to despair, from verse to verse. 

Great singer, adventurous songwriter, utterly compelling performer. Superstar quality…..if only stardom was based on talent.”
Neil McCormick, Daily Telegraph Music Critic

Independent artist and music maker ERIKA emerged from a life coloured by the musical corners of London and Japan.

Alongside her solo work, ERIKA's voice has also caught the attention of some established artists. She provides backing vocals, keyboards & percussion for Skunk Anansie, Japanese artist, Hotei and has toured extensively with MIKA as his backing singer. Alongside touring duties, ERIKA has also recorded as a guest vocalist on two tracks with #1 UK artist, Bastille.

ERIKA is a huge fan of connectivity and interaction. Every show has interactive moments, whether that is attaching onto a crowd by a belt (connecting over 100 people), or throwing a giant pompom out from stage, which triggers sounds making the audience part of the band. In all of her shows, the audience can expect connection through innovative technology, making for a truly memorable experience.


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