ICMP is excited to announce a new partnership with Synchro Arts to provide students with access to the company’s latest vocal software and technology. 

Synchro Arts is an award winning software company with a proven track record of designing great tools and technology to help producers and engineers craft brilliant vocal performances.  

VocAlign was released in 1995 and is now the world’s number one audio alignment plugin. Revoice Pro was released in 2012 and offers timing, pitch adjustment and more. 

Synchro Arts was awarded an Emmy in 2018 for its innovation in automated sound conformation. Earlier this year, Synchro Arts received a Scientific and Engineering Award for their contribution to the film industry from The Academy, the same organisation that presents the Oscars®.

Ace, ICMP’s Head of Industry Partnerships and Business Development, said: “Here at ICMP, cutting-edge technology is at the top of our agenda when we are working with students and sponsors alike.

Synchro Arts' innovative platforms are not only state of the art applications, but also essential tools in today's professional music industry that students engage with here, then moving forward in their careers."

Joel Heatley, Marketing Director at Synchro Arts,said: "We feel honoured to partner with the excellent team of staff and talented students at ICMP. It’s important to us that the next generation of producers and engineers receive the highest quality tuition in the latest technology to ensure they can fully realise their potential.

Our collaboration with ICMP gives students and tutors access to all our software so they can learn how to speed up their vocal editing workflow and deliver better results in less time." 

Synchro Arts will be installing its VocAlign software in all of ICMP’s studios and music production rooms.

As part of the partnership, ICMP students will also get 50% off the company’s products.

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Visit synchroarts.com to find out more. 

ICMP is incredibly proud to have partnerships with many of the music industry’s leading and best manufacturers of gear and equipment. 

With Ace now leading this side of the business, we’re looking forward to forging more connections with industry to ensure our students can access the latest hardware and software to hone their skills and talents. 

Visit icmp.ac.uk/about-icmp/industry-partners to find out more. 

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