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This week we've chosen to shine a light on Must Be Miracles, Belgo-Russian electro-pop duo of fresh Creative Musicianship graduates.



Must Be Miracles is a Belgo-Russian electro-pop duo which features two fresh ICMP Creative Musicianship graduates, Stan Hercot and Denis Rogatin. They songwrite, sing and produce together, creating their unique sound with dreamy synths, deep bass and electronic drums.

The track embodies sadness and ache. It was written to be confusing and dark, to best represent one’s mind after a loss. It’s an emotional but catchy song filled with electronic sonic elements, gloomy synths and cryptic rhythms.

'When I Lost You' is the first single of 'Blue Nights', a 4 song concept EP. Each song of the EP represents one of the four stages of grief after the loss of somebody important. A music video will be released for each song, creating a link between all songs, and telling a personal but universal mystic story of grief.

With the same interests in music, the duo follows one objective: creating a fascinating electronic sound that represents their passion for dreams and mystery.

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