Congratulations to ICMP's BA Songwriting alumna Sha Supangan (also known as artist @CrazyLittleAsian) on winning a place on a musical residency with the Nest Collective. 

The Amplify Nature Immersion Residency will see Sha, alongside other music makers, spend four days in the Cotswolds estate of Hawkswood College exploring the relationship between music and the environment. 

According to the Nest Collective, this opportunity "invites music artists to delve into their creative and professional response to the environmental crisis, and bring a deeper awareness of nature into their work".

Commenting on winning the place, Sha said: "It feels good to have a won this. It's been such a challenging year and I still haven't felt like I have the energy to simply release my music."

It truly helps when you get support from communities that you feel aligned to, just by simply being yourself. It's a great reminder that there are other people out there who resonate with you and your work and what you're about and would be happy to support you on your journey." 

This residency will bring together a diverse range of artists and industry voices to explore the critical role that the music industry plays in the fight to protect the climate and how we can better tell the many stories this situation offers artists.


Alongside workshops on how artists can amplify their voice in the professional world, the residency will also include outdoor sessions of deep nature listening and skill sharing.

The group will discover how our understanding of the global climate emergency can be appreciated better through deepening our relationship with our local natural resources.

Sha added: "Peeling layers, unlearning what doesn't help, reconnecting with nature - or birds, removed from the circus and the madness - can be helpful not just in my career but also to my mental health moving forward. What does it matter getting success in traditional terms and not being healthy enough physically and mentally to really enjoy and relish it? Or even sustain it? It's a long marathon, this job, or calling." 

Connecting with others in music with the similar ethos and values would be instrumental as you need a support network around you to keep going, quite literally. I'm excited to get to know others, to experience this nature immersion and see what lies after it." 

Visit the Nest Collective website to find out more. 

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