ICMP is delighted to be working with Sonic Artistes as part of a Module Industry Partnership designed to connect students with leading music industry organisations and companies. 

Sonic Artistes specialises in helping their clients in the cruise and hotel industries find musicians, artists and bands as well as sourcing talent for corporate and function gigs. 

The new partnership will enable ICMP students to find out more from Sonic Artistes' experts on the skills they need to forge successful careers as professional musicians as well as creating potential opportunities for work. 

Jon Perry, Sonic Artistes Director, said: "Since the pandemic, Sonic Artistes has grown exponentially as a business to become one of Europe’s biggest employers of musicians. This has meant that we require much more exceptional talent than before, so reaching out to our friends at ICMP was a no brainer."

"Our biggest issue is new talent being equipped with the specific skills that we need for them to be able to work straight out of graduation."

With this new relationship we are able to meet students, and help them develop the skill base required to enter the job market in their own particular discipline as soon as they complete their studies."

"We already have some ICMP graduates working for us worldwide, and we are really looking forward to working with existing and future students so that we can offer them excellent opportunities in the future!"


The partnership will see the team at Sonic Artistes working with ICMP teaching staff to develop lectures, workshops and arrange visits from musicians currently employed by the company for students. 

James Brister, ICMP Industry Liaison Manager, said: "ICMP have always looked to align the education we provide, with the professional practice and experience that is required in the ever-changing landscape of the music and creative industries." 

"To further this alignment, ICMP has started to build Module Industry Partnerships with targeted organisations, companies and individuals who help shape the module, and provide more regular face-to-face opportunities for the students studying those modules."

Ultimately, this new partnership will help create more employable, more relevantly experienced and better prepared individuals ready for the pursuit of their intended careers."


Ben Jones, BMus Popular Music Performance Programme Leader, said:

Having a company like Sonic Artistes partner with us on this module is the epitome of real-world, industry value that. students get when studying at ICMP."

"By aligning employer expectations and values to our own performance pedagogy, we offer our students a relevant, engaging and above all, sustainable approach to applying skills to their future careers." 

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Learn more about ICMP's Industry Partners network. 

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